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Thread: Finding Plastic Depend Diapers

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    Default Finding Plastic Depend Diapers

    Depends clearance sale is almost over at Walgreens and other drug stores on the Maxi 6 tabs in plastic covered.
    Walgreens still has the adjustable underwear on clearance for around $3.35 and we know it is cloth covered. So the questions is where can we expect to find Depends Maxi 6 tabs in plastic? Are these diapers gone in the retail stores forever? Where can we find these old time favorites that were so cheap other than E-Bay?

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    I was in CVS last night, and totally meant to look...

    But sadly, I forgot. Sorry!

    They are still on Depend's website... Personally, I don't think they would discontinue them...

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    I bought em in walmart the other night.

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    I bought 14 pack of depends with tabs for $3.80 a pack or so in the last 2 weeks. Now there around $11.45 everywhere.

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    Yes Depends plastic diapers are still on clearance. One Walgreens had 3 packages of small on clearence and 1 package of large that was not marked down. In another Walgreens the section was completed re-organized and there were none to be found. I had a coupon from the sunday paper and was lucky to purchase the last 3 mediums on clearence.

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    I just saw the target has start to discount them as well $8.49 but depend has a $2 coupon on there site, so its better than nothing

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    Target had the adjustable underwear at 10.49. Rite Aid had the plastics with tapes for $10 they only had small tho boo.

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    Walmart frequently has depends max, especially in autumn and winter. My walgreens sold all their depends when they were on clearance and now they have a new supply of them at their normal price.

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