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Thread: Thank you Adisc.

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    Default Thank you Adisc.

    I have no idea where to post this, and I am sure none of you have any interest in reading it, but I just wanted to thank this wonderful site. Not only has it helped me reach out to fellow members of this community, and learn new things about myself and others, I have recently also "met" somebody very special indeed. A person who shares much of the same interests, shares much of the same desires, and quite simply appears to nothing less than wonderful.

    Didn't intend to use this place as a dating site, but extremely pleased this connection has now blossomed.

    Take care friends

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    Recently, blossoming couples seem to be a growing trend in this wonderful community. I am myself pretty much in the same position of yours (see my signature ).

    Thank you Adisc ^^

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    Lovely things come to those who wait. I'm pleased to hear things worked out like that.

    ADISC really does have this trend though, where you don't come in with more than an expectation to just find some common ground with other members of a community and some nice friends, and you end up finding self-acceptance and a feeling of inner peace with yourself. So wonderful though when it happens because you met a genuinely lovely person. Oh god. I sound like a hippie. haha.

    Wish you the best of luck

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    I heartily agree!

    ADISC has been such a blessing to me. I stumbled upon it during a much darker time in my life. Through the connections I have made here, I gained not only a confidence in myself, but also a new-found confidence in the world around me! I have all of you to thank for that!

    The year-plus on here has been full of happy memories with many more to be made in the future! I wouldn't call myself an optimist, but I might be just a touch less the full-fledged cynic I once was!

    I always look forward to logging on and interacting with you all. Thank you so much for making this site my great escape! ^^

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