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    Hi everyone!!! I'm an 18 year old diaper lover and am somewhat not new to this forum. I'm a huge computer nerd and am also a singer for a band I'm working in. No one besides anyone on this forum knows of my fetish besides my parents, who think I'm over it, but that was years ago.
    Some things about me are that I'm a diaper lover/ diaper fur. My fursona is a fox because it is also my spirit animal. I'm of the Native American race and I LOVE diapers. I haven't tried online diapers yet and only tried generic ones like Walgreen, cvs and depends. I [removed] do what I can to help people. If anyone wishes to talk, no promises I will respond right away. I live with my mom so that;s part of the reason. I am a shaman within my local Cherokee tribe and am not truly religious. I accept anyone for who they are and don't care what your spiritual beliefs are, I still think you're awesome. Bye
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    Welcome to ADISC. What do you parents think about the fact that you like diapers? How do the found out?

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    Hello I'm 18 too! I'm in NJ though. Computers, I can relate. I am learning Java, ROBOTC, and ACTIONSCRIPT. why a while ago i programmed my computer to act as a calculator in java... that does calculus. I love to sing also. Especially Weird Al songs. They make me laugh. I am a sissy baby / adult baby who was born male and want to be a physicist possibly working at NASA or Los Alamos.

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