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Thread: The Rush of Buying

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    Default The Rush of Buying

    Does anyone else love going out to buy *BDL gear in person? I think it's an interesting question because there are so many threads posted here by people who are relatively new to buying diapers (etc.) who say they hate it and that they freak out and can't do it. It would be interesting to see if there are others (like myself) who love it, or if some of those people who were terrified their first few times grew to enjoy it.

    It's a little difficult to put my finger on why I enjoy it so much. I guess I feel like it's a legitimate form of exhibitionism. I'm not running around flashing my diapers to strangers, but nevertheless, I'm exposing myself anonymously to a stranger either as someone who needs to wear diapers or as an adult baby. I love to imagine what the checkout girl thinks when an early-20s guy buys a packet of large Drynites and nothing else. I try to read their body language for hints - a confused look or a smirk. "Too young to be buying them for a child, but young enough that he could still fit into them... wow maybe this guy never outgrew his bedwetting." And despite the insistence of some posters around here that the cashier never cares about what you're buying, I've definitely received some curious looks and stifled giggles. It's wonderfully degrading and I love every second of it.

    It's even better when the vendor is *BDL aware - then I'm not exposing myself as someone who might have an embarrassing medical condition, but as someone who definitely has a bizarre and humiliating fetish. There's a physiotherapy supplies retailer near me that I've bought some plastic pants from before, and at least one of the guys there (the owner it seems like) is very much *BDL aware. They openly say on their website that they're very open minded and aware of the adult community, and some of their items even obviously target adult babies. So the rest of the staff know what's up but they still don't seem terribly accepting of it. The last time I went in there was a cute girl working the desk at the front of the store. So I casually told her that I was "looking to buy some plastic pants." She seemed to panic a little bit and laughed nervously, "Oh, OK, I'll just head out the back and get Andrew; he's the one who deals with that sort of thing." I'm sure she was thinking something more along the lines of "... deals with you people." Now, admittedly, when I walked in and saw this cute girl working, I was rather looking forward to having her awkwardly show me the locking, adult-sized, baby-print plastic pants, but seeing her embarrassed and not wanting to deal with me was exciting too. Just having a random stranger meet me and know that I have a diaper fetish is a huge rush.

    So it's reached the point that buying new adult baby stuff is one of my favourite things about this fetish. Keeping an eye out for new brands, finding new types of items to buy, finding new places that sell them and finally of course, actually being there in-person and having people know what I'm doing - it's all great fun. I realize that a lot of this must sound creepy and perhaps vaguely sociopathic but I'm betting that there are some people on this forum who know exactly what I'm talking about. I'd love to hear your thoughts or hear some other stories along these lines.
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    I don't get a rush from purchasing in public, but I know there are others on here who would count themselves as being in your camp.

    I think a lot of what I feel stems from being so afraid of making others feel awkward that I may be overly courteous, if that makes sense. Honestly, I don't want everyone knowing about my 'little' side, but I have accepted it to the point where I don't care all that much. As I put it to my therapist, if my friends found out, I wouldn't fall apart or feel all that awkward; however, I'm not going to sit them down and explain it.

    However, when I am out in public, amongst strangers, those with whom I don't share a mutual understanding with, I try to keep things running as smoothly as possible. I don't do well with crowds, so I end up doing anything I can to draw attention away from me. I feel that bringing up anything AB-related would make that nearly impossible.

    Of course, this is just me.. ^^

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    I know what you're saying. I used to buy baby cloth diapers and Gerber toddler sized plastic pants. It always was a rush and a thrill. More recently I've bought Goodnites from Walmart. The last time I did, the man standing behind me was actually laughing at me. I suppose he was an idiot, so who cares.

    Wednesday I order colored plastic plants on line and one more gauze night time weight cloth diaper, and even ordering on line got my adrenaline going. Of course, I knew my wife would see the order and pay the bill as she's the bill payer. She'll probably make a comment and raise her eyebrows. Then I'll act guilty and little. Very, very little.

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    I wouldn't have used the word or sentiment of rush when it had its greatest effect on me. It was a massive stress on me as my heart would race and palms would sweat and I'd be convinced that the cashier would know (and care) or I'd be spotted by someone I know and have to manage some kind of explanation. These days it doesn't do much for me either way. I finally got it through my head that people don't care about what I'm buying unless I make a big deal about it somehow (and maybe not even then). I am still cautious about people that I might know, but a quick casing of the store does alright for that. As crazy as it might sound, I do sort of miss the extremity of that feeling although it was awful. I'm happier not to bothered but I can still miss it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    She'll probably make a comment and raise her eyebrows. Then I'll act guilty and little. Very, very little. THIS I can really, really relate to! I read this and started giggling out loud because I have been in this very situation all too often! ^^

    From that angle, I can relate more. It's not a 'rush' per se, but I do like that feeling I get of essentially being a four-year-old with his hand caught in the cookie jar. I feel really little and blush like crazy. Oh man...thank goodness for understanding wives!

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    there is definitively a rush when I go shopping, also it doesn't happen that often as I currently can't wear as often as I'd like to. The last times mostly baby wipes, which isn't that special as I often stand with other "young dads" in line who buy the same.

    Buying nappies is surely different, espacially when buying adult sizes. I remember my first crusade trying to find Moli's (the proper ones) in my town, checking multiple pharmarcies (which of course didn't carried them) and I was nervous as hell when talking to the staff (all were great and even called around for me at different places to see if they carry what I was after). But I think I acted pretty cool (the story in my mind was that I buy for someone else and am pretty indifferent).

    Finally I found that little specialised nappy store in town and the lady behind the counter was very nice, even carted the carton out to my car. And driving back home afterwards I felt pretty good.

    Most difficult buy was probably my teddy, because in that case I didn't know beforehand exactly what I wanted. We have that beautiful little Teddybearshop here and after 4 tries I finally went in and the lady showed me what felt like 100 different bears, but in the end I got my new little buddy and felt great.

    Onlineshopping is also interesting feelingwise, especially for AB clothing, because there is not much room for interpretation for the person on the other side of the line what and for whom the stuff is intended for. I feel probably more exhibitionistic buying online AB clothing than buying nappies in store. And with online shopping, it's also bringing back the feelings from when I was a little boy before birthday/christmas waiting to get my gifts.

    So shopping both ways makes fun for me.

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    When buying you don;t have to tell anyone anything, just pay for it and walk away, lest said the better.

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    I ordered a free sample and had to talk to lady about what I wanted and I why I needed it. I told her the truth. I like diapers. If she felt uncomfortable than maybe she should find a different job. But yeah, it was fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rova View Post
    When buying you don;t have to tell anyone anything, just pay for it and walk away, lest said the better.
    That assumes that you can pick items off a shelf, go to a till and pay for said items and get out again. Buying nappies in a UK store (besides boots) you actually have to ask for brands like tena and molicare as they store them out the back! Not to mention the fact that generally you have to go in to a mobility store to purchase such items.

    I've never had the bottle to do this. I have recently attempted boots and the weird looks from 80 somethings is enough. The staff though generally say nothing and act professional. They probably see it every day anyway.

    I really don't care about strangers seeing me though. Couldn't care less, it's the people I know who I don't want to see. That hasn't happened yet.

    Reading the comment posted about Goodnights (better known as DryNites in the UK) did remind me of a time I was in Sainsburys (since most people I know go to Tesco). I got a reaction from someone along the lines of "you go first" (I had two packs of DryNites) and he had a basket full. We got to the checkout about the same time. He gave me a look (almost of surprise but as if he didn't want me to know what I was thinking) and I could barely muster up enough courage to say thanks (I did but only just).

    That was several years ago, it does get easier with time. I am now old enough to have a young child and it be considered socially acceptable. However, it is more awkward buying anything targeted and anyone above 5 years old (reasonably about as old as I could possibly have a nephew - since it's boys items I want) and it is socially acceptable for this to be the case. I do often go it shops with the intention of saying that it is a "nephew's birthday coming up" should I ever get stopped. Younger brother might also work but that trick could get a bit outdated soon. I have never been asked why I am buying said items anyway.

    I have worked in a shop before and been in a position where you have a long line in front of you. You truly only care about few things:

    1. getting the customers stuff in a bag and out the door with them after they have paid.

    2. making sure you do everything possible to meet company targets for the day. (offer add-ons ect)

    3. telling the customer the returns policy and wishing them on there way.

    4. doing all this as quickly as possible.

    Honestly, what the customer is buying when you are in a till/paying situation - really don't care. No time to even process the thoughts of why the customer wants said item. Talking to someone on the floor and recommending what they should buy, totally different kettle of fish. You try and find out as much as you can and think of things they might otherwise want to buy to increase the amount the customer will spend.

    Also above all they did make it MUCH easier to buy stuff with the introduction of self scan tills. They are horrible to use, I truly hate them, but they are good for getting you out the shop quickly and without being at a till for ages (assuming the damn thing works).

    Sorry if this comes across as a bit of a mind dump, it was!

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    I dont really get a 'rush' out of shopping to have people catch me...i dont want the caisher or anyone else to think about me being a AB/DL, which very few would anyway. But I do occasionally buy diapers at the grocery store where I work. I always go through the self-check out (b/c I'm not stupid....i dont want to intentionaly go through the line and see someone I work with every day who WOULD ask the questions of why I am buying it) but from the shelf to the check out and stuffing them in the bag, I do get a little fast heartbeat. But if I shop anywhere else I get none of those feelings because everyone is a stranger and doesnt probably even see me much less care about why I'm buying diapers. But I do agree with what chucky said- buying online is like christmas! I track my package and then look in the mailbox hoping to see a package of fun!

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