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    Hey everyone,

    I am Relapse. I chose my name obviously for a reason. I actually used to be very into the scene, and was actually a member on this site...even remember the conception of this site (good times and as it transitioned through its various phases, names, and even a major crash. Lets see if I remember how to post... On the topic of self:

    I am 21. Live and go to school in Miami, though used to live up north before I decided to come here. I love political science, which is my major- more specifically, US congressional politics. Also love music, mostly classic rock but I honestly do listen to everything. I also play the guitar and enjoy singing.

    On the topic of diapers and such:

    I have been a DL since I was 4 years old (hows that? long story, maybe later.) No one knows except my psychologist who I just told recently. As I grew older I started to get into baby things and can safely say that I am now an AB. I have met up with DLs in the past, some from this site and have also been babied (crib, highchair and all) as well.

    I fell out of this scene after some family issues...diapers just seemed to be of less importance at the time (which I am sure many of you have felt, and for you young will) but now that things are shaping up I am finding time to buy and wear diapers and such and hope to spend some time on this site and just join in on conversations when I can.

    Thank you for reading!

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    Welcome back.

    If you've had an account here before you should PM Moo to have it reactivated.

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