Not really where I would like to put this topic, but I don't really know if it would fit better anywhere else :P

I was looking through some blogs, and I came over some rather curious piece of information, in the wrestling scene, there are some curious different events for women, for example the "bra and panties match" where you are supposed to strip down your opponent, there is also the "spanking match" where you need to get a paddle and then spank your opponent.

But there is something more intriguing, in the TNA Xplosions area, there was this fighter called Victoria Stevens (aka "Simply Luscious and Nurse Victoria) she had one fight against Daizee Haze (The Haze) where it ended with Victoria winning, and humiliating Daizee by diapering her.

I have been looking everywhere I can think of to find a video of this, but I have been unsuccesfull, so I wondered if any of you guys had any leads of this?