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Thread: Peeing Position Challenge

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    Default Peeing Position Challenge

    Do you have a position where you can pee your diaper really easy? When I am standing it seems I pee my diaper more. It is also easy to pee my diaper when I am sitting down like in a movie house. When I am laying down and sleeping the diaper always gets soaked. If you were to rank your top 3 peeing positions for how easy it is to pee your diaper what would you say?

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    Standing. - Lets gravity work and very little chance of leak
    sitting - More chance of a leak and will generally only happen when there is going to be a flood
    Laying down - Have to make sure I am lying down with my back and not side to avoid leaks and usually, I will still (out of paranoia) "reach in" just to make sure the little soldier is pointing down so that I don't have a big leak out of the legs or belly.

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    Standing is the easiest to finally let myself go and soak my diaper.

    Sitting down is the second easiest, probably because it's kind of like sitting on the potty.

    Laying down is fairly difficult for me to let go in, I'm not comfortable enough with my bladder and I've had accidents in the past which clearly haven't helped my confidence. I keep some baking soda in my room just in case I leak through my sheets. =p

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    Standing in front of the toliet-The easyest position for me to pee

    On my belly-I cant pee not as well but I feel like my diaper can hold better when I do pee and I feel the frount bulges out like it should better in my opinion.

    On all fours-I fell like a little tike some times in that postition.

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    Peeing in any "different" position will start out as a challenge. Your body is preset to only release the bladder under specific circumstances, so trying to pee in any other situation can be tricky.

    The first few times I tried to wet my diaper I had a terrible time. I have (had) a really shy bladder and had to work my way up. Standing in front of a toilet. Standing somewhere else. Sitting. Laying down. walking, coasting on a bike, while peddling on a bike, using stairs, driving or riding in a car.

    For me, getting the stream started is usually the challenge. I worked on that by deciding that at certain times when wearing, if I got any urge at any point, I would release as soon as possible. This helped me get better command of my bladder. At first it'd take me a good minute of concentrating to be able to start without any prior plans, but now I can fire up in a few seconds usually.

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    Standing. - No problem. I dont think about it match now when i pee. Almost like it happen on it own.
    sitting - Same as standing. No problem to wet the diaper.
    Laying down on my tummy - Some time it work really good. And some time i have more trouble whit it. But it start to get easy now and i love the felling when the diaper starting to get wet around the pee pee like a diaper should be.

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    Standing with my legs a little bit open - That's how I usually pee in the toilet.
    Standing normally - It takes me a bit but I can do it.
    Squatting - that's how I normally go #2 but it is pretty easy to pee like that as well.

    I haven't mastered sitting down or laying yet, but I practise when I can.

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    Standing, laying down, and I am starting to be able to walk normally.
    Some sitting down positions I can as well.
    Laying on my tummy not to much a problem.

    Tho tho one I can not do it when I am in a car sitting down.
    I cant seem to wet when doing that.

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    Sitting is the easist
    Standing is next
    Laying down is a little more difficult but not too hard =P

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    Standing is the best
    Siting is good
    Laying down is a little. Hard for me but it can be done

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