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Thread: Wish I could wear for long flights

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    Default Wish I could wear for long flights

    About to get on a flight from Sydney to London and I wishhh i had a diaper on so I could just watch movies all flight :p

    Anyone ever worn for a flight? How was security etc?

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    Yes, I have worn for flights. I don't think I'll ever fly again without diapers, if I can help it. It's a much better feeling to know that if I have to go and the darn 'fasten seatbelt' sign is on or we're in final descent (which always seems to happen to me) I'm covered, so to speak.

    Security was fine. You should be prepared to deal with the possibility of getting a pat-down in a diaper or having the contents of your carry-on luggage (diapers included) strewn about in plain view, however.

    The pat-down occurred because the airport had just gotten one of those full-body scanners installed, and I guess the diaper got flagged by whoever was in the control room. I guess they thought I was another 'explodable underpants guy'. The security guard was professional, though. He said what he had to do (light touch with back of hands) and basically as soon as he touched my back pockets he was like '...oh. Ok, you're fine.' I went through full-body scanners again at a different airport and the diaper didn't cause any problem, so it might only occasionally trigger a pat-down. I guess it depends on who is in the control room and whether they recognize what they are looking at just from the scan. Of course, X-ray machines don't pose any problem as long as you follow the rules and don't set it off.

    The luggage thing was just because I had a little electronic light-up Lady Liberty statue for my grandmother packed in my carry-on--near the bottom of my suitcase, safely sandwiched between clothes and diapers--and apparently that got flagged in the X-ray. So out came everything. The security guard didn't even notice that she had put a bunch of blue diapers on the table in plain view at first; she was waay more focused on finding the source of the problem. After she was done, the guard must have seen the slightly mortified look on my face, so I got a curt 'oh, sorry' and she was on to the next piece of luggage.

    So basically, in my experience, security only cares when they don't know what something is. As soon as they identify it as harmless (which diapers certainly are), they really do not care.

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    Just flew yesterday and wore Abena and a Depends. Got to go through the metal detector instead of the STUPID body-scanner, so no annoying TSA massage, er, pat-down for me yesterday.

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    Flying with a diaper is easier than you might think. I agree just do the scan and avoid the patt down. Also wear a nice thick diaper with a booster pad that you can pull out if necessary. Then you can really enjoy your movie and relax.

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    that's actually a nice idea... put in a booster without peeling off the tape on the adhesive... then if that gets too wet, hit the minipotty and pull out the pad so you don't have to deal with so much swelling in the front. It'd be like a quick-n-easy diaper change on the plane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chazit View Post
    About to get on a flight from Sydney to London and I wishhh i had a diaper on so I could just watch movies all flight :p

    Anyone ever worn for a flight? How was security etc?
    I wore once now on a 12h flight and it didn't work too well for me, mostly because I can't go for some reason while seated. So I held it till we landed in Singapore. Otherwise don't worry, security isn't a problem.

    I guess you're going over Singapore, so here some tips:
    Be prepared to get a pad down in Singapore, but they are very careful to not touch that special area, so don't worry too much about it.
    If your flying Qantas and use terminal C, the last toilet at the end of that terminal is mostly quiet in the evening if you want to change, you just have to wait until the toilet staff leaves if you want some privacy. There is one normal toilet stall (the others have only a hole in the ground) which gives you something to put your stuff on/sitting on while changing.


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    I have thought about wearing on a flight before but never got the chance... I am almost always flying with family/friends/teachers or anyone else I know in my life. That's too much risk for me

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    I wore a diaper on a multi-hour flight from London to Los Angeles once, and had the same problem as Chucky. It's HARD to pee when you're sitting in an airline seat.

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    when i was flying back from Germany to visit some family i wore a pair of Goodnites and packed a change. like chucky and Frink have said, it is quite difficult to pee in a plane seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrigamiNinja View Post
    like chucky and Frink have said, it is quite difficult to pee in a plane seat.
    wetting while sitting down is an acquired skill

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