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Thread: Hearing the Word DIAPER

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    Default Hearing the Word DIAPER

    Do you love to hear the word Diaper? If you are in the UK the word is Nappy. In Japan the word is omutsu. Does the word sound too much like a baby term? Maybe we should just say I am wearing pads or disposable underwear. What do you like to call them? Is the word Diaper music to your ears? On a scale of 1 to 10 how would your rate the word based on how you feel?

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    I like the word "diaper" especially if daddy says it
    But if it's brought up in conversation like about an adult wearing a diaper, my heart skips a beat. Ugh.

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    I love the word "diaper"! I would rate it a 10. The only time when I don't like the word is when my mom says it in a angry voice :/

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    I love hearing the word diaper

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    In french, the word diaper is "couche", but that word also mean "layer". I work in Telecom and here are the word I often hear:
    a pull-up resistor; dual-layer; OSI Layer, GND, PWR top and bottom layer of Printed board; blahblah layer thing; etc.
    résistance Pull-up; double-couche; couche OSI, couche GND, PWR top et bottom de circuit imprimé;couche de blahblah; etc.

    For the pull-up resistor, I will alway remember what one of my classmate answered to the teacher when he asked if anyone of us knew what a pull-up was. He just say in a big voice " C'est des couches (They are diaper)".

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    I'm a UK person and I prefer Diaper to Nappy, Diaper feels like an adult word but Nappy sounds like it's been shortened from something else to be sayable by toddlers

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    DIAPER!!! hehe. just had to say it. me loves it i try not to pay attention when others start talking about dipys but i cant resist, but it listen in.

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    I like the word diaper or like we say in Sweden blöja.

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    I love the word because if I'm having a boring day it reminds me of the fun I can have when I'm home :3

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