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    I'm wondering if any of you girls had an issue with buying clothes online your first time? if so how did you over come it? I have found some really cute pj's that I like but I am afraid to buy them online. Their from a company I like so why is it still a problem? I can't bring myself to buy clothes online. Is it me or is it just that I like to try mine on before I get them to make sure they fit right. Any suggestions on what I can do to help me be able to buy clothes online?

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    If you can get the exact measurements of garment it makes things easier, I would suggest going to brick and mortar if you can and look at one person to see if the size perceptions match up, I know this can be nerve racking, but usually no one will give you any guff. IF not available to check out locally check the online stores return policy a lot of online clothes dealers, offer free shipping and returns so people can shop with out the try on anxiety.

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    Ordering online is usually easy for me. The hard part ia guessing my size based on what vague information I can find. If I cab convince myself that it will probably fit, then it's usually okay after that.

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    for some reason or another i can't order online. I did happen to stop my my local Wal-Mart and pick up some comfy Pj's though. Pink and purple. I know what sizes i wear mostly.. It's just some things are a bit odd on sizes. I might take another stab at it when I can get some money saved up and go get some new pants.

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