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    Default Good brand of plastic pants

    I was wondering what a good brand of plastic pants would be. I bought a pair online and they fit terribly....they were supposed to be right for my measurements but the leg hoes were tight and they came up so far....way too far to wear with my regular jeans. What is a good dependable brand of pants that is also shorter, closer to the size/height of underwear.

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    Gary plastic pants are a good fit at a very far price.

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    A good fit that I can recommend is Changing Times Diaper The products have the best price of most plastic pants. One of the best is the Euroflex which comes in a small size. The majority of their products are manufactured by Gary's Manufacturing one of the biggest. Good Luck

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    I have had better success with Salk Sani-pant #850 pull-on style, than with Gary. The Sani-pant have had greater longevity and wear over all. Although the Gary plastic pant I have had with designs (Bears, Babies etc.) always made me feel more babyish. I have not tried Leakmaster but hear that they have excellent longevity and leak prevention.

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    I typically wear Leakmaster, but I have different needs. I need a high back at night because I sleep in cloth diapers. I want to be sure they are completely covered so I won't leak into my wife. That would be very bad. I ordered a smaller pair of PUL. There are so many brands out there that to help you, we should know a little more as to what kind you want. I'm guessing smaller, but not tight around the legs. That may be a problem if you have large thighs, but a normal sized waste. Having measurements would help. I'm a 32" waste and I buy small size. They fit me very well.

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    Hian, and fubuu(ebay site)/nice-diaper(official site) work well but are usually, high rise, about the same as the size as the sani pant pull on, fubuu also make pull ones, that breath really well and work fairly, but your mileage may vary by your measurements, as stated above. On the pull ones from fubuu I have some purple ones and white ones and they work fairly well for use with disposables, with cloth you can get a feeling of condensation on the outside of them even though are completely dry, for some reason this does not occur with disposables and these.

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    Default has a lot of plastic pant options, including bikini-style and low-rise IIRC. The big thing you need to do is find a flexible tape measure and take measurements of your legs where the plastic pant leg openings will rest when you're wearing them (with whatever diaper you'll be using them with). Honestly, the leg measurement for plastic pants is more important than the waist measurement. If they're too tight, they'll be uncomfortable to wear and the plastic will eventually just split from the strain. Trust me, I have 28" cyclist legs with a 34-36" waist, so it's really hard for me to find properly fitting plastic pants.

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