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    As many of you know Abena is stopping or has stopped the production of plastic backed diapers.
    The replacement with cotton feel isn't up to my liking.

    What can my fellow DL'ers propose out of their own experience as a decent replacement available in Europe?

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    I have never worn Abena nappies/diapers but i do wear the "Tena range", Although i wear the tena flex which is a breathable cotton like feel Nappy/diaper the slip is still plastic backed at the moment. I still do wear these on certain occasions & Feedback that i got from Tena implied there were no plans afoot to make the slip cloth backed at present. I do not know how it compares to Abena in terms of cost or absorbancy but i have found the Tena slip to be a reliable nappy/diaper whil'st wearing one.

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    Although I have never worn them, I'd have to second the Tena Slip.

    They look to be particularly good quality.

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