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    Hello my name is Litpup. I'm not really the best at writing these things but I'm 21 years old, a babyfur, and I reside in Los Angeles,CA. To sum myself in one sentence would be: I'm everything, nothing, and all that's in between.

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    Heya Lit, welcome to ADISC!

    Writing intros can be awkward and hard to do, but maybe you want to expand on yourself a bit more? Are you in university (if so I am assuming in the UC system) or are you in a college or in the workforce (or unemployed like many Americans nowadays). What hobbies do you enjoy, do you build things, play sports or something totally different (yet cool)? Etc. etc.

    Look at the "how to write a good intro" sticky in this subform for more ideas.

    Anywho I welcome you to this site and hope you enjoy your stay and help build this vibrant and diverse community.

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