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Thread: Trouble with bambinos?

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    Default Trouble with bambinos?

    Has anyone had trouble recently with Bambinos? I think I ordered a new version of their diaper and it doesn't fit me like they used to. I wear the large size usually, but in the 24/7 Dry disposables I wear a medium. In fact I love 24/7 disposable diaper. Really snug fit and very comfortable.

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    I believe that Bambino diapers are now created on a different machine. This was on an announcement at some point, and I do believe it trimmed the diaper sizing down by a couple inches. From what I understand, the machine is more efficient and they are able to increase quality because of it.

    I have yet to try them, as I do not think the Mediums would fit me in the waist. I wouldn't want them to be a disappointment if they happen to be too large.

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    The new bambinos are smaller. They killed off the small sizing, and now the mediums and large cover that same range. If you used to be a medium, but it was a tight fit you are a large now.

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    I just tried a sample of Secure X-Plus (same thing as Bambino) and it was ok.

    The fit is weird, I'll admit. It does feel small, but overall it's ok.

    They do smell a little weird too. It kinda reminds me of craft supplies. It isn't that bad really.

    They are pretty absorbent, but about even with an Abena M4. Certainly not noticeably better like they claim.

    The problem is there isn't enough wood pulp to wick moisture around. It only really moves when there is too much in one spot. This also makes you feel wet almost immediately.

    I can see why some don't like the new sizing. It works ok for a skinny guy like me, but if i was much bigger I would hate them. For me, an Abena M4 is the best there is, but i would say this is easily a "B" or "B+", very good, but not my first choice. With a cost of only 4 or 5 cents cheaper, it's good value, and I may buy more.

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    Not sure if Cuddlz are just bambino re-branded but I just ordered some so I hope they are not too different

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    Late to the discussion here, but I'm working through an order of medium Blancos I got a few weeks ago, and I wish I'd heard that the sizing had changed as much as it did before I bought. The mediums are very tight - I've managed to get all four tapes done up once or twice of the eight times I've tried, but most of the time I just don't bother with the bottom tapes and break out some packing tape to make sure things stay attached.

    I really like the feel of the diaper - especially the interior, which is nice and soft and doesn't bulk up as much as the Dry 24/7s I had tried previously - but the size is really borked.

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    They've sized them back to how they originally were.

    Honestly, yeah this gets on my nerves. I e-mailed to ask if they would consider bringing back smalls, and they basically told me that people my size aren't worth the money, so they're just going to size it up for the bigger people and that I should try Molicare, instead. They were obviously more polite about it, but the message was pretty clear, and I can't really blame them for it. I'm a low percentile for my size, and this is the only time it seriously affects me. Just irritates me, since I gained twenty pounds in the last year and I was just finally able to fit the medium, and now they're making them even bigger again. :/

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