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Thread: The Drink you like...

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    Default The Drink you like...

    I'm doing these threads because I want to know more about people and there habits... so eventually I can kill them all... with hugs... or knives...

    What is the drink you prefer the most? This means out of all drinks sodas, milk, oj, aj, gj, energy drinks, coffee, etc.

    Mine is Sprite... I can't live without it... I would go insane.

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    I've heard of it, but I can't remember seeing it... I'm guessing it's and orange drink?

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    It came in a shit load of favors and it the drink of the juggalos...

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    Quote Originally Posted by weswissa View Post
    Go out and buy a ICP CD before I chop your head off with a hatchet

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    What if I don't want to... by the way... I stole your hatchet...

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