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Thread: NJ man who still wears diapers for need.

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    Default NJ man who still wears diapers for need.

    Does anyone have to wear for need here?

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    While i do not there are loads of people here who are strictly just incontinent and not AB/DL's. You are not alone here

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    As Foxracer mentioned, there are many Incontinent members of ADISC, just look around, most have the IC tag the same as you.

    Also, welcome to the site, feel free to introduce yourself over here. That's usually a good place to start, and you'll more than likely get a few people who are in the same boat as you to respond.

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    It depends on how you define "need".

    I know what you mean. Need because of incontinence. But most of us "need" to wear for mental comfort.

    I don't know of anyone from NJ though in that situation.

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    I can put my hand up and say I wear more for need then just for fun. What a "need" to wear is though like others have mentioned isn't always straight forward.

    I see that this is your 1st post though. It could be a good idea if you go and make a post as well in the Greetings / Introductions part of the site so to get started here in a more formal way.

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