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    What jobs do you guys have?
    I work at Outback Steakhouse as a busboy. I clean tables of dirty plates, glasses, linens, silverware, and other objects. It's pretty stable.
    How bout you?

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    I am a heavy equipment operator with the Arzona Department of Transportation

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    Quote Originally Posted by mick View Post
    I am a heavy equipment operator with the Arizona Department of Transportation
    Ooo, that sounds dangerous...

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    Right now I'm a research assistant at a university, but may or may not be taking a job in software engineering.

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    I don't have one, though I am currently on the look out for a job at a supermarket, just so I can get some money. Unfortunately they all need to me apply online and it is very confusing the way they do it. Combined with the fact that the less powerful a job is, the more confusing and important sounding the job title is, it was almost impossible to actually find any jobs I could do, and none of them were local. I'm still on the look out.

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    I haven't got a job yet as I've only just moved to university... Going to look for local jobs some time next week...

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    Banquet Cook for weddings/ golf tournaments at a local country club

    not to bad, almost done, going back to school in about a week

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    cutesy clerk, it's a nice way of saying bag boy/woopen boy at a grocery store, i clean, do carts, and bag

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    I was a mechanic, and then got bored and went and drove off road dump truck (50 ton Cats, Euclids, Macs) in a stone quarry, then somebody got the brilliant idea, since I was foolish to show up for work everday for 5 years to put me in the crushing plant(a job no one wanted and they couldn't keep people in it).

    Then after I was there for 8 months my leg got snaged by a conveyer belt, and pulled me into the machinery, since then I spent the last 10 years learning to walk again and I'm now retiered permanently.

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    Mechanical Designer for the nuclear electric power industry. I work in a team along with engineers of various disciplines, mechanics, and project managers. We design and install modifications in the plant to either address obsolete equipment issues or implement changes to help the overall plant operate more efficiently.


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