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Thread: 4 tapes vs. 6 tapes

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    Default 4 tapes vs. 6 tapes

    I was curious what every one thought do you prefer 6 tapes or 4 tapes?

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    My preference is a 6 tape diaper. They seem to fit better, smoother, with less buldges.

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    I also like the 6 tape designs, they seem to just fit better vs the 4 tape design, depends max with the 6 tapes fits me better then the abena line does with 4 tapes.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'd say I get a more form-fitting feel from a 6-tape diaper.

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    I never had the pleasure of using 6 tapes. I'm quite fond of my M2's. They fit me perfectly.

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    six tape's fit and hug the body better

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    I'm in favor of the 6 tapes as well. It's too bad that most of the premium diapers have 4 tapes. I sometimes use clear duct tape to add to the top to use as the 5th and 6th tape. This makes 24/7s fit a lot better.

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    hrmm I must be the odd man out. I find more tapes just makes the entire experience fussy and unnecessary. a proper fitting diaper will fit well regardless of the number of tapes. in my personal experience I actually prefer the simpler two tapes of the ABU diapers (too bad their diapers aren't worth the cost in terms of performance). but if I had to choose between 4 and 6, it would for sure be 4.

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    Def a 6-taper. Though I agree that I like the 2 tapes, too.

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