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Thread: Abena x-plus premium (cloth backed ones)

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    Default Abena x-plus premium (cloth backed ones)

    Can anyone give me a pic of them? not on a person just them.
    Any review of that specific brand?

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    I just got a case of them in. They are just like the Abena M4, except they have a cloth-like backing. Taping system is similar, except the second tape on top of the blue, has some velcro to help keep it fastened. They work well. Absorbency is good, they are a trustworthy product. When worn, they are quiet and discrete, but not excessively thin. They will feel a little stiff when taken out of the bag, but I consider that a big plus, because I know the density of fluff and polymer is sufficient to make it a good quality product. This also makes them more comfortable than diapers that are more loosely packed to make them seem a little more "cushioned" when instead, the padding is more likely to shift and bunch. I have yet to see how this Abena will hold up over several hours of wear, in a situation where I'm not likely to experience a loss of fluids. But, my prediction is that they should hold up reasonably well, with the tapes being unfastened and refastened multiple times.

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    Give me some time to set up the camera. I need to look for the batteries, and the charger. It'll be an hour at least, if you can wait that long.

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    I'll be interested as I like cloth type nappies/diapers. I think my next purchase will be the Abena X-Plus Premiums.

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    Will be interesting to hear some reviews on these. Some have suggested they are not properly waterproof and leak through the outer covering without the plastic backing, which would seem crazy if you basically have to wear plastic pants over them. Also doubts about the tapes holding etc.

    If they performed as well as the plastic ones I don't think I would mind that much.

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    i chose these because im used to baby diapers or drynites which are all plastic backed ive had some seepage through drynites but thats drynites, this is abena and they take alot more to fill.

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    Here are some photos:

    Stacked, facing back:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Side View:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DiaperSide.jpg 
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    Insides, with tape showing to illustrate material:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So far, these are very comfortable. However, they can feel wet before saturation if an accident occurs. They will hold enough, and retain it until you are able to get to a lavatory, however. In one instance, I decided to go for a long walk, to test this product for compatibility with my needs. They feel cool in warm temperatures, and so far seem to hold up well over several hours. They can be worn out in public with little notice, yet are substantial enough to maintain personal comfort and security.
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    oooo these look niiiice wish mine where here now (will be tomoz) do they leak? and are they comfy

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