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Thread: Spring Break with Diapers at the Beach

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    In planning for spring break with friends at the beach need some tips. How do you change your diaper without them knowing you are wearing a diaper? If there a technique to keep the sand out of your diaper? I know the porta pots are on the beach does this become your headquarters? It will not work to change in the car.

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    I love wearing my diaper to the beach, my advice to keep sand out of your diaper is to wear plastic pants or a onesie over your diaper it acts like a barrier. yes i would change the diaper in the porta potty

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    Sweating in a diaper ruins the experience for me. Diapers don't breathe and get hot and sweaty fast. The padding absorbs sweat and starts to break up and clump. The sides where there's no padding are just unbreathing plastic on the skin and get uncomfortable there also.

    As interesting of an idea as it may seem, I don't think in the end you will have enjoyed the experience. If you're going to try it, I'd recommend a pullup style diaper that has a small amount of woven padding that won't clump and has the stretchy (somewhat breathable) sides.

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