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Thread: I'm New!

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    Default I'm New!

    Hey all... new to the site, and new to the fetish! In fact, I have yet to even try on a diaper. But, I can already tell it excites me a little bit..

    I live in Illinois, fly planes for a living... would love to give it a try.

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    You fly planes for a living? Huh. Interesting.... Never tried diapers? I'm willing to bet you'll like em. Welcome to the site!
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    Ummm, any reason for the choice in nickname. Or is it meant to be taken literally...
    and do you have a commercial or private pilot's license?
    Anyways, Welcome, feel free to mingle, and be sure to check out the various threads on diaper fetishes this site has seemed to randomly accumulate.

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    What do you fly? Im currently getting my PPL! Yay! I plan on becoming a commercial pilot once im out of college (hopefully embry riddle).

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    Wow, flying planes for a living, that's pretty bad ass. Lucky for you, diapers are not the hardest things to get your hands on, so I'm sure that if you want to try them, you'll able to get some. Anyways, welcome to the site.

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    At the age of 19 you fly airplanes for a living? Pretty impressive, I'd say! You must have raced throught flight school!


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    Quote Originally Posted by HypnoToad View Post
    Ummm, any reason for the choice in nickname. Or is it meant to be taken literally...
    I thought the same thing...

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    Don't take my nickname at face value.. haha.

    Glad to be here!

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    You aren't the person that owns This Website, are you?

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