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Thread: Favorite "little" clothes?

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    Default Favorite "little" clothes?

    What are your favorite clothes to regress in? I like skirts with babyish patterns and lace, personally.

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    Diapers obviously. :p In a onesie even better! I have two a light blue and a dark blue colored one. When not in padding I'll wear this cute little pair of blue boys training pants around for underwear occasionally....meaning whenever they are washed and clean >_> <_<

    I prefer being a little boy when I'm regressive. Blue colors and blocks and action figures and trains!...if I only had some o.o

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    During the daytime, I'd say overalls, and at night it'd be footed sleepers . Nothing like being in a sleeper hugging a teddy bear just before sleep time for regression.

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    if I had one I'd love to regress wearing a onesie, romper or a pair of short-alls but right now what I wear is a light blue tishirt with a dinosaur on the front and a pair of pink hello kitty shorts. That along with one of my plushies and a paci makes me feel so little fav thing to do, sit and watch a disney movie while coloring in a coloring book

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    Let's see...depending on the temperature, it can be as little as a diaper and childish t-shirt (cartoon characters, superheros, things like that), a diaper and onesie, or when it's colder, a diaper and my kigurumi red panda PJs. ^__^" Always a diaper, though. And a paci. Those two help the most in my opinion.

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    For me, it's clothes that are both cute and comfortable. I have a pretty typical wardrobe for a man in my twenties, so I'm drawn to anything with bright colours and cute designs, like cartoon characters or even lace and flowers. That said, it needs to be comfortable,'s hard to relax if you're focused on your undersized outfit cutting off your circulation!

    I'd love to try wearing a footed sleeper, but I have no idea where to buy one. The joys of being up in the Great White North...

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    I love wearing nightgowns....ones with charcters or fun prints. I wore alot of nightgowns for sleeping when I was a child and they make me just feel like a little girl I also like to wear thick training pants.

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    Clothing I love:

    Nightdresses - I had some gorgeous Bambi and My Little Pony ones, and ones with pie crust collars when I was younger
    Cute, little girly dresses in soft colours
    Really girly T-shirts with cutsie pictures or cartoon characters on
    Mary Jane style shoes
    Knee socks, tights with cutsie patterns on

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    I have lots of Hello Kitty pajamas (mostly soft pants) and it make me feel like a little girl. I wear them often. Also I have few tshirts of hello kitty, tinkerbell, and alice (alice in wonderland).

    I have few little girlish clothes (cute skirts, tops etc) but I only wear them in the summer.... and summer is coming up soon! =D

    I always want to find a pink overalls (or shortalls) but it seem to be difficult to find. =(

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