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Thread: Big Babies TV show

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    Lol odd isn't even a near good definition of that. It did make me laugh though.

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    That's at least the second age play based show CBBC has done in 2000 they had a show called Big Kids it was a little more grown up than this but it was brilliant none the less ^_^

    Big Kids - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I found this ages ago, sometime last year, i find it really funny! have you seen the episode of my parent are aliens called nappy rash, look it up on youtube tis funny!

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    shame the sounds not on it, but I saw that on first broadcast years ago ^_^

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    OK.... That was a different program. That is almost like Barney the purple dragon.

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    I watched a clip of that last night and it was so funny! Love the adult heads on the baby bodies.

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    well why didn't they use baby heads on ab bodies?
    it would been fun too see.

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