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Thread: How were you disciplined as a child...?

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    Default How were you disciplined as a child...?

    When you were disobedient or did something mischievous as a child how did your parent(s) discipline and knock some sense into you? Did they spank you? If so what with? Take away your privilages (toys, video games, television) for a set amount of time? Did they just slap you around the head? Ground you from leaving the house? Other?

    My mum, who can't walk due to a disability, used to give me a swift, short slap around the head whenever I was being a nuisance.
    She used to demand I walk over and bend down so she could reach me, subsequently I'd apologise.

    It worked most of the time, never had to resort to anything harsher. I was a fairly well behaved kid, least in comparison to children nowadays who set there pets on fire and stab each other etc... so it was an uncommon occurrence which made it all the more effective when she did clout me one.


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    No I was one of those good little boys, who did what I was told to do, awful isn't it.

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    My parents had their hands full when it came to disciplining me, they divorced when I was a toddler. I remember being told not to leave the table until I ate my dinner ( I haven't eaten peanut butter since ), being grounded, made to sit in the corner, sent to bed without dinner, as well as being chased around my bedroom with a switch. And that was just 1 week! Kidding, but I have experienced the range.

    The times that I knew I was in the most trouble was when my mom would get very quiet and give me this look,(the I-have-had-it-and-YOU-are-gonna-DIE look).

    In all of that though, I don't think spanking is wrong, if used properly. It's like the nuclear option; Use it only if you have to and only after everything else has failed.

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    My dad was the only one who really disciplined me. Probably because he had a short temper when it came to mucking about. Normally he'd just yell and then not talk for a while, but on the off-chance it was really serious, he did have a leather belt... I got that a few times, but after a while even that stopped hurting. >_> Mum would always yell first and then break down into tears, having worked herself up into a distressed emotional state.

    Then again, neither case happened frequently anyway. Usually I didn't see much point in being a brat, and just knowing there would be punishment was enough reason for me to not do anything stupid.

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    I was spanked until I was about 10. Had to be pretty bad though.

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    i got it with all of the above. i had a smart mouth, one that had a glass of ice tea shot in my face, public paddling by teachers. one of which she was most definitely in the WRONG (push your religious views on me in a public school you bitch) she actually got suspended from teaching on that one. it was in reference to the Crusades and how right they were to be killing muslims, but how wrong it was for muslims of the day to simply tax those of other religions. nightly beltings by my father. time out. bed w/o supper thrown across the room, hit in the face. if that guy ever hits me again, i will kill him.
    no, i can comfortably say that life after about 4 was certainly not idyllic.

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    I was spanked until about 7 ish along with them taking stuff away until I was about 12, now they yell at me and dont really discipline me to much. But now they yell ALOT!

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    When I got into too much mischief I was usually spanked and sat on a chair until my mother told me I could get off. I don't recall doing much to get spanked for after I started school. Even the infamous day I played hookey in first grade, instead of a spanking she just marched me down to the principal's office. I guess she figured that was a fitting enough punishment.


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    I rarely got in trouble...When I did, it was just things taken away...My parents don't believe in the whole spanking thing

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    uhm my parents never laid a hand on me or even grounded me for that matter i dont even remember being sent to my room all id get was a 5 minute lecture....

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