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    im just a average gay guy going through a lot of medical issues in recent years. have been incontinent for some time. i like wearing diapers and such so its not a concern to me or something i am ashamed of. i joined this site to explore and enjoy my way of life. i am do not have a paraphilia or sexual attachment to diapers but i do not have prejudice for those who do. I work in the medical field so I guess I am accustomed to bodily function and do not take offense easily when it comes to personal preferences or needs. I am very open to discussion as long as it does not diverge into the perverse.

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    Welcome to the site! Feel free to look around and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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    Thank you very much for the gracious welcome!

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    So any other interests, Music, TV, Sport?

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    Yea, Im def into Subaru's (love rally). I am a super comic book dork soooo not into sports. lol. but i am no fatty. i am into working out, being healthy and such. Comedies help me live, from monty python to cartoons. love movies. u??

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    Welcome. I love the guys on "Big Ban Theory" and their enjoyment of comic books. There was a guy in my college dorm who had so many comic books they filled his entire dorm room. No one could live with him! I used to enjoy comics, and probably still would if I could find the right kinds, but now I'm mostly into literature. Reading and writing takes a lot of my scarce free time.

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    there are so many great comics out there. great writing with modern comics. especially the independent titles. but yea. i love literature. i am actually writing my own nihilistic-fiction novel. i hope to get it finished soon and edited. then i am going to play the submission game.

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    Python FTW what's your favourite episode? (Dug and Dimsdale Piranha), sketch? (for me it's the Bruces I can recite it word for word from the book) and movie? (Life of brian although holy grail is a close second and meaning of life isn't very far behind) ^_^ s

    As to comics DC, Marvel, Manga (JP comics in general) or other

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    I love all the Monty movies. My favs are Holy Grail & The Meaning Of Life. My fav circus episodes are Rock Notes & How to Recognize Different Types of Trees From Quite a Long Way Away.
    As for comics I have always been a fan of anything Alan Moore especially Miracleman. Old school, as a gay teen, I loved Elflord. I love Authority (now back to Stormwatch by DC), I gave up on Marvel back in the 90"s cuz they were making garbage. I love DC Sandman and all the spinoffs. I am a HUGE fan of David Lapham and his Stray Bullets, but thats been long gone. Currently I have been into Walking Dead, Invincible, and Chew. Manga titles have been Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist, but I do love the Anime more

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    So loads of fun stuff, The Larch.

    I live in a house of Marvel and Anime fans, although their anime is not the likes of Bleach or FMA but more bezaar ones, of the few dozen they've shown me, I fell in love with these 4 Kuroshitsuji, Kampfer, Last Exile and Erueka 7. As to the comic books some where I've got a few issues of storm watch on loan from a friend that're still unread lying about, I take it it's worth a read?

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