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    It's been a long time since I dropped by here. I got caught up with

    Quite a bit has happened since I last visited...the worst of which was that I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs onto concrete and broke my tailbone and injured my back. Very much not pleased with the results, which are an apparently pinched nerve in my lower back and leaking pee.

    I am SO not happy about that. Twice now I've leaked all over the rug. I feel like a puppy who hasn't been housebroken.

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    That's sounds awful! I really hope your recovery goes well! Is the prognosis positive?

    I am glad to have you back! ^^ You were missed!

    Get well soon and keep us updated!

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    The doctor I usually go to sent me to a chiropractor who has pretty much eliminated the pain, but not the occassional leaking. :\ It seems especially bothersome whenever I've been lifting things.

    I'm glad to be back actually. I've missed talking to everyone.

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    Welcome back, CuddleWoozle. I am sorry to hear of your tumble down the stairs. I hope that with time, and your chiropractor's help, the pinched nerve mends and you return to your normal life. Best wishes. Take care.

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    Glad to have you back also. It's horrible when we hurt our backs, because it's something that always haunts us. I had to have mine operated on back in '86 because a tumor was growing on the nerves. I never had any back problems, but now my back always hurts. I've recently noticed a little bit of urge incontinence, but as long as I can get to a toilet, it's not an issue. I hope your situation improves.

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