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    I recently acquired a scholarship refund, and I saw what I believe to be a good deal on women's Depends on Amazon. They aren't the plastic-backed, Maximum Protection ones that I hear about, but they are the cloth, pull-up style, maximum-absorbency ones. Basically panties with absorbency. The reviews appear to be mostly good, and it sounds like they can hold up to a wetting that isn't too heavy. (Here is what I was talking about in case you need more information.) Before I make the order, I have a few questions for those who have worn girls'/women's diapers in the past.

    Will they hold a wetting without leaking? Not necessarily heavy.

    Do they crush my "parts," or with the right sizing, will they not? (rather, I don't mind if they do somewhat crush them, because I kinda like the feeling, but will my improper anatomy create an almost-constant tent?)

    I am a size 7 panty with a 36 inch waist. What size would be appropriate? According to the product information on Amazon, it should fit someone with a waist between 28 and 40 inches, if I were to order the small/medium size. I think that's where I should fit, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Any help or information is appreciated. :3

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    um, if theyre wonens Depends, then they might be more configured to handle absorbancy in different areas than if they were mens Depends....

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    I know this, but I have heard instances of guys wearing them for a number of reasons. If I hear that it's not as successful as wearing men's, then I'll just order something else. lol

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    i didnt mean to rain on your parade, just didnt want you to realize that too late :P
    and they do sound lovely, what reasons? i may need a good excuse to get some lol

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    Oh, it's okay. :P What I do know is that the padding is a little lower in the diaper, but that's about it. My reasoning would be that they, being designed for women, are more sissy. And being moderately transgender, it definitely helps boost the feminine feelings.

    I haven't heard a whole lot of other reasons, but what I gather is people want to feel as feminine as possible through clothing, underwear, etc. The women's diapers would be helpful for this feeling, and most of the people I've heard it from were AB/DL as well, so it fits. *shrugs*

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    that makes sense, and those would be the reasons i would get them
    lol now i want some

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    I'm gonna wait for any other input first, and for my check to become fully deposited. :3 It sounds enticing.

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    From what I've heard, Depend Pull-ups of any kind are a disaster. They don't hold anything "maximum". Basically they're suited to hold a tiny tinkle, if that. Expect leakage. But if you really want the sissy feel..go for it.

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    I've heard that, too. There's a lot of surprisingly good reviews on the page, though. Which was why I wanted to ask.

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    You might want to check out this product while you're at it, too. They're the same sort of thing, except they come in different colors. I think they used to come in patterns, too -- I know the men's version does.

    Depends underwear don't hold much, and they don't really fit like baby pullups, but they're not totally horrible. At the very least, they're comfortable. I once went a summer with nothing but these, and they're surprisingly breathable, even if they don't hold much.

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