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Thread: Mythbusters

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    Default Mythbusters

    So...Who likes/watches Mythbusters? I've learned so many things from there ^.^

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    I love Mythbusters!

    I don't like the fact that they blew up a 67 Chevy.. but oh well.

    They do sweet stuff. Cement Truck explosion is my fav

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    What have you learned in particular?

    Nothing that I couldn't live without...But some nifty things, such as two phonebooks interweaved need 8000lbs to be pulled apart...You can make a lead balloon float...Birds flying inside a truck won't make it lighter...Etc...

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    I LOVE Mythbusters! I've learned some interesting stuff, actually. Can't think of anything in particular. And lots of good quotes. And, Kari Byron is fricking hawt!

    My favorite explosion was Rocket Car Take 2. = )

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    That show is always good, you can always learn something new, alot of it is useless information but it's good to learn something new everyday, who know you may need some of the useless info someday.

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    Useless info is almost always more interesting than, say how to name ionic compounds in Chemistry.

    And I love random facts and stuff. Potpourri. = )

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    i have heard rumor of this one, never actually saw it. they also had and episode where they were testing the myth of the exploding diaper, the myth was busted.

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    Mthbusters is one of my fav shows, I saw them live a couple years ago at our college, they were really cool.

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