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Thread: 3D Computer Diaper Designing

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    Over the years I have been paid to test new diapers in real use. Now I have been replaced by diaper testing mannequins. They are lined up in rows and wear and test the new diaper designs. These mannequins can deliver an "insult" to the diaper. The cost of diapers is going up with everything else. I hope I can still test real disposables in the future and get paid.
    Diaper trials - Video

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    Interesting video, kinda typical that everything now days is getting automated.

    Best I think you can hope for in future is to run around their play pen office trialling new diapers after the robots have decided what is best for everyone!

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    °_° Those moving legs were disquieting!

    Apart from that, interesting video...! Sadly, I've never seen so much effort in making an adult diaper

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