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Thread: Diapers Only No More Underwear

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    Default Diapers Only No More Underwear

    Its spring cleaning time and I'm thinking of tossing out all my underwear both briefs and boxers. My main underwear now is diapers. The future may be cotton cloth diapers. Does any one wear underwear briefs as a diaper or over cloth diapers? My preference is plastic covered disposable diapers. It is difficult to think that I will never have anymore regular underwear other than diapers.

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    I think that you should keep a few pairs just in case you need them. I have several pairs of boxers because if I decide to wear tight jeans I can cover up my nappy with a pair. You never know what you may need them for. I was in hospital at the beginning of the year and I didn't feel comfortable with showing my nappies but I had to wear a hospital gown so I wore a pair of boxers over my nappies and that was a god-bless because hospital wards are void of privacy anyway.

    I would suggest that you keep some boxers.

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    i wear my diapers 24/7 but i do keep a few pars of undies around just in case. but i have been going 24/7 for over 450 days now

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    I doubt that you really are running into space considerations if you pack up your traditional underwear and store it away somewhere in the meantime. It's probably better that way in case you run into an occasion where you need/want to take a break from diapers.

    I found that wearing briefs over a diaper muffles the noise considerable but makes it a bit more restrictive than I like.

    I have also worn boxers over them just to make sure people didn't notice a creeping waistband.

    I definitely prefer the feeling of wearing just a diaper under clothing when I'm not overly self conscious.

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    Way can i dont find the courage to be in diapers more then i am now.

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    keep the regular underwear. you can store most of them and if needed use the regular underwear over the diapers to cover them up or to catch any leaks, you never know you might want to go with regular underwear for a day or have to if you get a bad rash. why throw out a bunch of good underwear that you already had to pay for.

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    No reason to get rid of them, not all anyway. I've been about 24/7 now for the last year I suppose, but there are a few rare days or nights I drop into some briefs for awhile. Sometimes my skin just needs a break or to air out etc. I've also found that a few brands of the diapers I wear stay better centered with briefs over the top, particularly the thicker ones. For them, frequently all the padding shifts to one side of the crotch of my jeans/shorts and stays there. With the briefs over the top, the diaper tends to crease in the middle and remain centered all day, which can be more comfortable.

    So I may be getting rid of some of my briefs, but not all of them.

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    You should always keep at least a couple of pairs....unless you are medically incontenint you will have days that you want/have to wear underwear and not a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I have also worn boxers over them just to make sure people didn't notice a creeping waistband.

    I definitely prefer the feeling of wearing just a diaper under clothing when I'm not overly self conscious.
    I had the creeping waste band happen to me and I nearly got caught by my former boss. A guy who watched me like a freaking hawk caught me and asked me what it was and I told him that it was none of his business in a very nice way. I hate the creeping waist band as I have to wear 24/7

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