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Thread: My Crazy Obsession: A Real Life Adult Baby - Wed 21St March 2012

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    Default My Crazy Obsession: A Real Life Adult Baby - Wed 21St March 2012

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    Stanley's next show !!

    TLC -
    31-year-old Stanley has been completely obsessed with being an adult baby for the last eighteen years of his life.

    My Crazy Obsession: A Real Life Adult Baby : Video : TLC

    Wednesday March 21st, 2012

    A 31-year-old man is obsessed with acting like a baby, which includes wearing a diaper, sleeping in a crib and eating baby food in a high chair.

    *if anyone can record it that be great, Thank you*

    best of luck to stanley

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    My wife and I saw the commercial for this last night! I could have told her that his name is Stanley, I have chatted with him (thanks #adisc !), and sooo much more. But I chickened out.

    She knows and accepts my recreational diaperism, but as far as the "AB lifestyle" goes, she took one look at Stanley and thanked me for not taking it that far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whisko View Post
    She knows and accepts my recreational diaperism, but as far as the "AB lifestyle" goes, she took one look at Stanley and thanked me for not taking it that far.
    Yeah but how many of us actually take it that far? Only a hundred or so I'd say, definitely less than 1%, so it's not like it's a common trait amongst all ABs to be totally obsessed with acting like a baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    Yeah but how many of us actually take it that far? Only a hundred or so I'd say, definitely less than 1%, so it's not like it's a common trait amongst all ABs to be totally obsessed with acting like a baby.
    We are the 99%! D:<

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    ok just form the addvertisment it looks like the exsact same show as i bleved aired on taboo. so i am not looking forward to seeing it because on taboo it seemed like they tried to make him the bad guy. it may just be me but that is how i felt, many because after the show aired lots of people went after him in more ways then one. the bigest story was people trying to get him to stop getting disabilty because he is abdl, when they did not do research and he really is disabled. sigh, people fear what they dont know and are to lazy to research

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    That preview makes me wonder if there is some underlying cognitive disability involved, or other developmental issues. I can definitely understand how he feels secure in his environment, however. None the less, it's certainly not the lifestyle for me.


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    I dunno, maybe I am going to get tarred and feathered, but my wife was disturbed when she saw the commercial and so was I. I hate that show/ She loves it. Why do people feel the need to showcase their eccentricities. And as for their beef with Stanly getting disability, their argument is that for someone who physically cannot work he did a physically monumental task in building his play-land (Crib/ chairs/ etc.). Carpentry of that sort is not easy. But that doesn't matter. My point is that it should have never been made public for public debate. That is his business, not ours. When people think abdl they now associate us with this sort of lifestyle, when 99% of abdls will have recreation time, but will also interact well with other adults and leave fantasy for fantasy.

    Yes, I enjoy my diapers, but I don't want anyone to know that who doesn't need to know. These sort of shows don't make any gains in acceptance. People look at these shows and go, "Oh What a freak!" "He does what?" "She eats what?!" It is a novel voyeuristic entertainment that paints the strange addictions as vile. So who would volunteer for that sort of treatment? I hope they paid Stanley a lot for this appearance, because outside of our community, people will react negatively. Yes, our behavior is not "normal." I wrestled with wanting to let people know for years in my early twenties, but then I came to the conclusion as many older abdl's do. It is no one's business. Would I want anyone to randomly tell me they drink urine, or they enjoy S&M. No. I don't care what my friends do in their bedroom or what their own private obsessions are.

    I personally don't like my private life, even if it is only the DL part, paraded on TV. Again, I am probably a minority in this and I do support Stanley in his endeavors if they make him happy. I just did not like having my wife grossed out and then having to say, "Yes, that is different," while knowing that I interact with people who live that lifestyle and feel guilty.

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    I'm probably biased because I knew Stanley years ago (before he became 'famous').

    Anyway...I don't think I'd watch the show even if I could. The episode of CSI "King Baby" was probably a better representation of 'over the top' infantilism than Stanley.

    Why does he have a baby pacifier instead of a NUK Medicpro which would 'fit' better? It's obvious he can afford expensive "baby" things (anyone check out all those crib toys? They run about $50 each! Most babies only have one, he has 3 or 4!) so why not invest in things that are more suited to someone of his...erm...size.

    I also take issue with his idea that he is 'regressing' to 'baby age'. Who here has ever seen a baby lay out a blanket on the floor and then gently 'pour' their blocks out? Children would just take the bucket of blocks and turn it upside down, probably over their own heads. It is obvious that Stanley has had little to no contact with actual children (which is probably a good thing!)!!

    Oh, and he desperately needs a haircut and a SHAVE! UGH! Who ever saw a baby with stubble?

    This is the kind of thing that is going to give ABs a worse name than we already have! *wonders how much he's getting paid to do these tv spots...and does he report it to SSI*

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    So a physicaly disabled boy suffered abuse as a child and grew up to be on welfare benefits (because of his disability) and likes to comfort himself by roleplaying as a baby/toddler.

    I do not understand any reason to attack him. I feel rather empathetic towards him. He isn't hurting anybody and he isn't pushing this on anybody. It does not appear that he is representing the AB/DL lifestyle for everybody. Some people fail to recognise that television is not the truth; they have an intuition that it is all make beleive but they are kept occupied by arrogance and the want to blame others for their financial woes.

    I glad that there are no television programmes covering these lifestyles in the UK, because that would be dreadful. The public here fail to recognise that the Government is deliberately failing the welfare system to then write it off. They instead blame the individuals (the majority who are severely disabled and vulnerable) because it is easier. Well I hope that those who criticise Stanley feel big of themselves [sarcasm].

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    The issue people have, whether they are correct or not is that if he is on disability our tax dollars go towards his ABDL life style. That is where it is "hurting someone" as we hear all the time how we simply do not have the funds to keep our entitlement programs running. If it turned out to be true that he is milking a technicality then he is in fact hurting those that truly need that beneficial income to survive. But more to the point, this money is supposed to support you as a person, not provide you with funds to buy expensive "toys" to contribute to your fantasies.

    There are many people that work hard for the extra cash to buy their diapers and ab paraphernalia. There are also many people who have suffered tragic abuse and do need help to cope with their pasts. In Stanley's case, I personally feel from what I have seen, heard, and read, he would benefit tremendously from a psychologist to help him with his "demons" and then a life coach to help him get into shape. His lifestyle right now just doesn't look helpful to him. I am not criticizing him or putting him down or even trying to make myself feel big. Those issues are Stanley's to do with what he will. And, let's be honest, it takes some guts to expose yourself like that, but when you do put yourself in the public spotlight, you are going to get attention (Both positive and negative). What my original post had to do with, however, was little or nothing to do with whether or not a scam is taking place, but the detriment of placing ABDL lifestyle on a show like that, and then making someone who is way way way on the one side of the scale the representative of all abdl's.

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