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Thread: Longest Time Away from School

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    Default Longest Time Away from School

    Pretty self-explanatory, what is the longest time you've been away from school? This includes being sick, family vacations, and school disasters. (Hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) This does not include summer vacation unless it is before or after the time you were away. (i.e. you were sick for the first 3 weeks of school)

    For me, I've been away for 5 months because of Epstein-Barr.

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    Three or four days, maybe. Back in elementary school I got bronchitis every year. It was pretty bad, and I'd take off for three or four days at a time.

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    When I was a kid there was a two-week teacher's strike. I think that's the longest time I was away from school when it should have been going on.

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    2-3 weeks, There have been many times that I been gone from school for 2-3 weeks. Snow, Ice, power outages, and once because I was sick.

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    I'd say about a week because of Hurricane Frances in 2004. I was with out power for 4 and a half days and took the 5th day off because I hadn't selpt much.

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    3 days, I got the flu when I was very little. The last time I missed school due to disease was 4 years ago from some fever, but it was only 2 days. ever since, I have had perfect attendence. The most consecutive days we had from school due to snow was two days this last winter, where record-breaking snow fell. Then this summer we had record breaking rainfall, almost half the town was under some amount of water, and the park was completely submerged, including our precious historical carousel

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    I've been off a week due to illness. If you count school trips where I am doing something because of school but not actually receiving lessons (or indeed being in the same country), then that goes up to two weeks and a day.

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