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Thread: I'm not telling my kids that diapers are for baby's

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    Default I'm not telling my kids that diapers are for baby's

    I have this idea that im gonna raise my (future) kids to be open minded, and part of that is during the potty training stage. I dont like the idea that certain things are reserved for certain ages so i don't want my kids to have that mindset.

    For the diaper situation, my reasons for potty training would be:
    1. Diapers are not cheap
    2. Not being potty trained can possibly limit opportunities (military or certain jobs)

    I dont want my kids to view diapers as a bad thing, i want them to learn why they're out of diapers.

    Kids have brains too and I believe that kids can understand more than just "they're only for babies".

    What's your position on this?

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    I think your opinion will change once you have kids of your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point View Post
    I think your opinion will change once you have kids of your own.
    Why do you think that?

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    I'd say the same as point but actually your idea could work, say diapers are expensive but if they don't need them mommy and daddy can afford those toys and games the kid wants and the kid could grasp that diapers or, I don't know, a new barbie or actionman doll. If they can get out of diapers they can have something else instead, simple and possibly effective.

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    I think it's a good idea. Being that you're a DL, saying things like "diapers are for babies" would make you a bit of a hypocrite. And society could always use more open minded people.
    If people didn't only associate diapers with babies and old people, we would probably have an easier time fitting in with the general population.

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    Sounds like a good idea. But at the 'potty training' age, how likely are they to grasp the concept of money and the expense of diapers? I'm not saying that I agree with the whole 'diapers are for babies', but I think the reason behind such a simple explanation is because such an explanation is within the grasp of their level of understanding. At that age, I doubt most will grasp the concept of limited future opportunities.

    An alternate explanation other than 'diapers are for babies' is a great idea, however, I think you need to present them with a less complex answer. Just my thoughts on the matter.

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    There are lots of ways to potty train children... I don't believe that anyone I know who's been through the potty training stage of nappies with their children have said that they're for babies! I think that's something children generally pick up on, due to the only people they're likely to see wearing diapers (at least openly) being babies. As you said, they can understand more than you'd expect, and that's just one of the many observations they've probably made.

    I'd wholeheartedly agree with raising your children to be open minded, but you have to remember that these things go much further than just not believing that nappies are for babies. This comes down to all sorts of little things, and at the end of the day, they could still end up being close-minded. Remember children tend to rebel against their parents, so the most liberal of parents might end up with the most conservative children, and vice versa.

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    I understand your point of view and agree with you. But what i would say is that the majority of other parents and therefore their kids will have an opposite view. I have always known from a young age that diapers are not just for babies because i went to school with people and have had friends who have needed them because of ic aswell as myself but my own problems did not start until later in life. What i would tell any potential children that i have is that everyone is unique and if someone needs diapers then that doesn't make that person any different and certainly not a baby for needing diapers. Now presuading a child to potty train when you wear diapers is a question i ask myself because the kid may ask me why should i potty train when you diapers in which case i would explain that my body doesnt work properly and i need diapers. Like others have said i would encourage any healthy child to potty train at the apropiate age for social reasons.

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    I think that makes perfect sense. But don't stop there, you know? Raise them to be accepting of all people!
    We ABDLs and those of us that are LGBT understand what it feels like to be discriminated against. It sucks no matter who you are and what you do or believe in. Religious tolerance and acceptance is big too.

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    I do not think there is anything wrong with going through that stage with using "diapers are for babies" as a motivator but I refuse to force my (future) child into potty training. Now if they get to lets say age 3 and have not potty trained I would exaust all my resources to motivate my child and worse comes to worse make their life a little un-enjoyable until they were. They will not get to make the adult decision to purposly hurt themselves and not become potty trianed. (I'm saying all this as a general example I understand some children have physical and extreme emotional issues that should be considered)

    I think it's important and a responsibility as a parent to potty train your child at a reasonable age, bottom line. If they decide they enjoy diapers, then it can be used as a reward type activity but not until they are potty trained.

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