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Thread: In the name of Science!

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    Question In the name of Science!


    Science (from Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.
    Science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Now you know what I mean, I'll stop trying to look like I'm clever and get to the point.

    I'm going to be home alone during the week for a few weeks. I've stocked up on M4s and even some Abri-Flex Special, just cause I could. Anyway, I digress, I am putting myself forward as a test subject....

    I don't like to mess, but I do like things/stuff/mush et al, to be in there to squish around. I've tried bananas, E45 cream (very good if you can get enough), rice pudding & a few other I can't remember.

    As your guinea pig I'm offering my paddination (I made that word up, and it doesn't exist. I checked. Anywho it means the space inside where the squishy stuff goes, or maybe the sqishy stuff itself, you decide.), where you are free to suggest fillings, where to the best of my ability, I will test and report back.

    There are a few rules;

    1) Nothing spicey, I'm hot enough down there already. Woof .

    2) Nothing harmfull.

    3) I get the final say, obviously.

    4) All of the above.

    Ideally it should be food stuffs, but I'm open to suggestions.

    So sit back, open your copy of Delia Smith's Cooking Up Squishy Stuff, and suggest away......

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    My first reaction is Eww ^_^ but each to their own. And then I started to wonder, I mean I've never tried poop real or simulated it seems like to much trouble to clean up but if your willing to Guinea pig for us why not ask some sensible and not so sensible so here's my pick

    at number 5 Plumb tomatoes - should be whole and give you a real squish sensation when they go pop
    4 cheap chocolate - it's solid at room temperature and liquid at body heat, very sticky could be interesting
    3 cold cooked pasta - very much slimy when damp going to give odd sensations as it breaks up and slides over itself
    2 Mash potato - I think it'll start to dry out after being in there a while and will at some point be like real poop
    and in poll position number 1 take a little bit of everything that's suggested and you agree to purée it and pour it in

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    Hmmm........... Marshmallow Fluff, that could be interesting.

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    I've had a dig around in the kitchen cupboards, and I've found a tin of chopped tomatoes. I will give them a test tomorrow night

    Next time, if, I cook, pasta I'll reserve some

    Marshmallow fluff, whats that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocolateorange View Post
    Marshmallow fluff, whats that?
    It's a marshmallow spread, kind of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supersam1223 View Post
    It's a marshmallow spread, kind of thing.
    hmmmm, i'll see what i can do.... wheres it come from? Which shop?

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    Chocolate Pudding? =]
    How about peas...? When they're cooked, they're soft and squishy.

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    Avoid the tomatoes the acid will irritate the crap(no pun) out of your skin down their, or anything acidic along those lines.
    foam balls,
    cornstarch paste

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocolateorange View Post
    hmmmm, i'll see what i can do.... wheres it come from? Which shop?
    Asda, I think is where I bought it from.

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