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Thread: Let's say you have a choice of 3 games...

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    Default Let's say you have a choice of 3 games...

    Whatever system you want. But you were only allowed to have and play those 3 games for the rest of your life. What would they be, and what system?

    For me:

    NCAA Football 12- PS3 (Ask me again when NCAA 13 comes out and see if it changes)
    Army of Two- PS3
    Resident Evil 4- PS2

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    I would say
    The World Ends With You-NDS
    Starcraft (with Brood Wars)- PC
    Empire Total War - PC

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    God damn this is harder than choosing a starter Pokemon.

    Saints Row: The Third--PC
    Pokemon Crystal Version--GBC

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    Gotta partially agree with JATO.

    Pokemon Crystal (Game Boy Color) / Possibly Pokemon SoulSilver (Nintendo DS) - My personal favorites, Gold & Silver symbolize my whole childhood.

    Saint's Row The Third - (PC / X360) - Awesome fun, I still haven't even had the time to finish it, but is very enjoyable.

    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PC) - I can never get sick of this game.

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    Hm. The Binding of Isaac... Team Fortress 2... And Portal 2, I suppose.

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    COD-Black ops
    Battlefield 3
    GTA 4

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    Myself would choose:

    Demon's Souls - PS3
    Mass Effect 3 - PS3
    Battlefield 3 - PC

    That was quite difficult.

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    Bollocks. I can't decide such things. I can choose two systems I'd play for the rest of my life, as long as new games were created for them regularly, but I can't decide the games.

    The Binding of Isaac (Indie): PC
    Civilization V (Turn-Based Strategy) - PC
    Battlefield 3 (First Person Shooter) - PC

    I wish I had PS3 games that weren't on the PC that I'd care to play the rest of my life, buuuuut I don't. Everything's better on the PC, you know.
    I also wish there was an RPG (either Western or Eastern) that I'd like to play for the rest of my life, too. Great genre of games, but there's simply no game I'd like to spend the rest of my life playing.

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    Kind of Hard to choose but I'd have to say
    CoD 6 MW2
    Crysis 2
    Burnout Revenge

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    Crash Bandicoot 2 - Playstation
    Mother 3 - Gameboy Advanced
    Metroid Prime - Gamecube

    Figured I'd allow myself a bit of variety and choose three games that always entertain me in different ways.

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