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Thread: Want to try bedwetting. Tips?

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    Default Want to try bedwetting. Tips?

    Hello, all,

    I was thinking about trying bedwetting while awake. Does anyone have any tips on managing the smell/damage? I'll drink water to get rid of the smell and put towels under the sheets to protect the mattress. Does diluted pee increase in smell overnight? (Thinking of sleeping in the wet bed?


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    If you're going to try this as a pee and sleep exercise you might want to think more along the plastic bedding route the smell of pee, even dilute pee will get into your mattress and duvet. Pee smell does increase as it goes stale, and it will get cold as you sleep it may be ok at first but you might find it wakes you up in the middle of the night. If your doing it for the relief factor protect your bed far more than you think is necessary, if it's just to sleep in it and wake up try using warm water, say from a hot water bottle it might just do the trick.

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    If you're going to try this, go to your favorite big box store and buy a proper waterproof mattress cover. Otherwise, if you leak in bed, the smell and stain are going to be in your mattress essentially forever. Trust me, no amount of scrubbing with no combination of cleaning chemicals safe for use by humans on fabric will completely remove a pee stain from a mattress (when Mr. X and I moved, we ultimately just made sure we were the ones to haul the mattress into the house instead of my parents so they wouldn't see the obvious stains and ask questions).

    Once you've put a proper cover on your bed, go for it. Drink a few cups of water in the hour before you go to bed. If your urine is diluted, there won't be much of a lingering smell in your room. If you're really concerned about someone else smelling it and you can do it, sleep with a window open. Then, when you wake up and need to pee, just do it. If you're in a disposable, I'd highly recommend lying on your back to minimize leaking out the sides and front. While you will notice the smell on you and the diaper in the morning, a shower will take care of it. Just allow yourself a few extra minutes to clean up properly.

    And if you're really concerned about leaks, you could always add an absorbent disposable bed pad into the mix. Just make sure you're on it when you go and if you do leak, it'll catch the rest.

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    You should definitely go with a plastic mattress protector or at least and absorbent bed pad. The towels might work slightly to some extent, but I can almost guarantee that if you're planning on doing it without a diaper, they won't work. At most, they may help out with little diaper leaks and/or little spurts, but not full on bladder emptying. As mentioned above, pee, regardless of how diluted it is, will leave a scent and wreak havoc on your mattress and unless you live in a very warm area, it will become really cold. You should at least get a diaper or if that's not what you feel like doing then definitely get something that is made to protect the mattress. Towels just won't cut it. If you do take the towel route, you might want to test it out by just pouring water on it so you have an idea of how absorbent it is and how to arrange them so they protect your mattress as much as possible.

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