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Thread: Do your parents know about your BF/DF side?

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    Default Do your parents know about your BF/DF side?

    I just wanted to pose a question how many of your parents know you are a babyfur or diaperfur and when the my found out did they make u go to a phycolagest to get mental treatment to help you get over this supposed childish behavor

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    I very nearly escaped it because they were fine with it at first, but after they saw me going ever so slightly into the furry fandom. Then my mum did suggest to make me see a psychologist because she thought I had psychological problems because I wanted to be an animal more than myself. But she thankfully hasn't taken any further action against me so I am OK for the moment but I am dreading the day I'll have to tell it to a psychologist.
    Are your parents taking you to a psychologist?
    Anakin Furlover

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    My parent doesn't know, but I'd be terrified if my mother had found out even about the diaper aspect. I've had way too many close calls with that. But I don't think my mother would get a psychologist involved.

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    My parents don't know, but they have sent me to a psychologist before.

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    mums fine with the whole diaper wearing ab/dl side, she knows of my furry side, seen me wearing collars, and stuff like that and i wouldn't be supprised of anything else she knows :P although shes open minded so that helps alot.

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    No, my parents do not know and nor would I ever want them to. Not speaking all that often helps take care of that.

    My mother in law knows I'm AB but I don't think she knows I'm an LF, too. If she did, I think it would be okay; she's quite open-minded.

    I do go to a therapist, but that's on my own accord and being an LF wasn't the only reason for my attendance.

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    Red face

    I am a mature fur. a greymuzzle so my parents do know about my incontinence and my diaper wearing. They also know about me and furry too, they have seen me in a couple of fursuits and they are happy for me to go to furcons. Weather they can relate to babyfurs ? I dunno. I am often a TigerCub at home and with furiends.

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    hum.... Just with diapers, I've had a few close run ins with my parents. I already see a psychiatrist due to the medication i'm on (ADHD yay) so it really wouldn't be odd for them to take me to him. HOWEVER, I have absolutely NO intention of being caught in diapers by them. Being a furry is also something I don't feel they need to know. At least not now.

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    My parents, or at least my mother, pretty much knows I'm a furry. She doesn't likely know about the babyfur aspect though. XD

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    I got away with my parents not knowing and its a proud accomplishment. I live on my own in another city now and I'm hoping to keep it that way.

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