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Thread: Triple Diapering...

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    Default Triple Diapering...

    So uh... I triple diapered myself last night at about 7-8 o'clock... and right now its 9 AM and I still haven't fully soaked it. Have any of you ever triple diapered? If so, how long did it take before the thing was unwearable? Lol

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    I've done it many times before, although I normally don't bother with layering disposables anymore. I suppose how long it takes to fully use such a combination depends on what diapers you layered with and how much liquid you've consumed. The thing I always noticed is that the three disposables layered does not triple your capacity. It seems that some capacity is lost because the base and second diapers cannot expand fully and some of their capacity is wasted.

    The real question, though, is whether you're enjoying it. If you are, then you've done ok.

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    I have, although I don't do it too often as diapers aren't that cheap. I will say that when I do triple up on my padding, I almost never use it all the way, either because it gets itchy from being wet, or because it just takes too long and I have something to do. All in all I love tripling, because of the thickness, but I don't like that it takes forever to use them, although sometimes that is fun, but sometimes it just gets in the way.

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    My bf triples a lot and he can use them for most of a day depending how much he drinks etc.

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    How about doubleing ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelseymour View Post
    How about doubleing ?
    That was gonna be my suggestion.

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    Depends on how heavy of a wetter you are. I'm a heavy wetter and was triple padded. Lasted me 5 wettings and about 5-6 hours.

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    I done doubling before. Mostly with a cheaper diaper as a booster.
    I think it is fun to do. Never tried triple yet tho.

    Tho As said above, as long as you enjoy it then thats all that matters.

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    Three diapers is worse than 1 good diaper. The way it often works is the first diaper reaches capacity and passes a little wetness to the next. After the second diaper is a little wet the first one floods. The only way to boost a diaper is with a real diaper booster.

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    Even if I cut slits and double diaper... I don't find it very efficient.

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