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  • I like wearing nothing but a diaper

    77 26.55%
  • I like wearing a diaper with pajama pants over them

    48 16.55%
  • I like wearing a sleeper over my diaper

    42 14.48%
  • I like wearing a shirt and a diaper

    105 36.21%
  • Other (Please describe)

    18 6.21%
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Thread: When you sleep in a diaper

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    Question When you sleep in a diaper

    Just wondering what others like. How do you like to sleep in diapers.

    I like wearing a tee shirt and a diaper... Nothing else

    EDIT: When I said a sleeoer I meant a Footed Sleeper or a footed onsie as some call it

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    For me it depends on the weather if it is winter i wear my sleeper other wise a diaper and a onesie or t-shirt

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    I like to sleep in nothing but a diaper. Sometimes I sleep w/ boxers or sweat pants over them.

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    I always only wear a sleep T shirt summer or winter , I never really liked wearing pajamas when i went to sleep .The sleep shirt is so much more comfortable with terry towelling nappies/diapers which i only wear at night

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    For me, it changes, I try to wear my footed sleeper to bed, but I usually end up taking it off after awhile. So for me I usually sleep in nothing but a diaper, although I haven't even been doing that as often recently, looking for an apartment kinda bogs down the mind.

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    I like to sleep whit only the diaper. It is so great

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    Shirt and diaper most times, sometimes only the diaper.
    I donīt really like wearing clothes in bed ^^

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    For discreet purposes, I tend to where something over my pull-ups, when I did wear them, that is. If I didn't have the need to feel so cautious, I'd stick with a shirt and the pull-up.

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    Depends on the day and if I am afraid of something slipping off me during the night and exposing me. Often I wear them under PJ pants and a T-shirt.

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