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Thread: Secure X Plus/Bambinos??

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    Default Secure X Plus/Bambinos??

    I thought I read somewhere that Bambinos were just Secure X Plus with prints?

    Is there any truth behind this? If so, what do the Secure X Plus look like?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    No it isn't true... you're source is incorrect.

    just google image secure x-plus...most of the matches are comparisons between bambino and secure

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    I'm sorry... but it is true. I've tried both brands and will attest to you that they are the exact same diaper. Same tape "landing zone", same waistbands, same tapes, same construction. The Bambinos merely have AB/DL prints on them and no wetness indicator.

    Have either of you guys who said "no" even tried Bambino and Secure?

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    It was true that they were different, but now isn't.

    Up until about 6-8 months ago, there were a few differences between the two. The Bambinos had a front elastic waistband, while the X-Plus did not, the obvious difference in prints, and the Bambinos had a marginally higher cellulose content (making them ever so slightly thicker).

    Today, they are the exact same diaper. The X-Plus now include the front waistband just like Bambinos, and there is absolutely no difference in construction aside for the difference in prints on the tape landing area, and the lack of a wetness indicator on the Bambinos.

    I have both in my possession currently... They are identical.

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    Have the bambinos gotten thinner!? I still have my case I ordered about 10 months ago but I'm going to have to order more soon.. did they get worse

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    Nope.. Both the Bambinos and Secure X-Plus are as thick as they always have been.

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    I have some small secure xplus and they dont have wetness indicators on them either..
    they're the same exact diaper.

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    hey, thnx to everyone who responded. i've taken a liking to the bambinos recently, although they are a little pricey. i think i might have to order a bag of secure x plus now.

    thnx again

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    I also have heard they are the same, but after looking at those pictures I dont know?

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