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Thread: What's Your Future?

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    Default What's Your Future?

    Simple question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? What is your goal in life? What do you plan on doing with your life, whether it be real life or AB/Dl? Or what are you doing right now to reach that goal?

    I was just confronted with this question very recently, and even though I was able to answer, I've been thinking about it. It's always good to ask this to re-evaluate to yourself and everything you do.

    So ADISCers: where's your life going?

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    In 5 years time I see myself in a continuing legal battle with the National Health Service as I have done for the past 5 years! In 10 years time I would hope that my legal probelms, health problems and problems in general are gone for good and that I can have an AB/DL daughter/little sister to concentrate on. I need something to gove my life some reason. Though the 10 year prediction is wishfull thinking.

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    I have been having trouble with this until recently. I think I want to be in physics or some kind of engineering, something involving math. no real plan set up right now though I'm just getting my school work done. Now that I have a goal though my grades have been rising steadily.

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    My goal in life is to make my parents happy, maybe have a good steady job and husband. Maybe even someday live in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. That would be great, of course moving to Bloemfontein would happen if my retirement goes according to plan. Not that there's much of a plan! lol

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    My dad has set me the challenge to have a better life than him, whether that be financially, how hard I have to work, or whatever. That is his challenge to me, and it isn't a small challenge either.

    I personally do not care about material prosperity so long as I am able to do something that I enjoy. But both would be nice, and not out of the realm of possibility either.

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    Butterfly Mage


    In five years, I am hoping to have accomplished the following:
    -- To have earned a promotion at work
    -- To be out of debt.
    -- To lose twenty pounds.

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    I see myself in the future living in an apartment with a desk job that pays the bills and allows me to live comfortably by myself. My dream is being able to have a job that's decent enough that I can support myself while also having the time to write music and become a better artist. Above everything else, my ideal future is one where I can enjoy my job, no matter what career path, explore myself artistically, and have enough time to do things that make me feel at ease like taking walks and nature watching.

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    I see myself celebrating the 5/10 year anniversary of having answered this post!!
    (Someone had to throw in the Mitch Hedburg reference :P )

    Seriously though, I see myself having a decent paying job, a family, a 2-story house in the country and a couple materialistic toys. I don't ask much from life :P

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    i see myself either working at a despecery for medical weed or other perscriptions, or getting a job in growing medical cannabis for the pepole who need it lagitamtly, instead of illegally.

    oh oh or cleaning up like oil spills and stuff.

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    Winning the lottery and retireing early. More likley working another 13 years and being forced in to an under funded retirement.

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