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Thread: Need Some Advice in Acceptance

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    Default Need Some Advice in Acceptance

    To make the long story short, I have been having a hard time accepting myself as a Diaper Lover. At the beginning of the year I bought some Abena M2s. A few weeks ago I found me being disappointed in myself and threw away almost a full package and figured it would be good to just give them up. Now I find myself buying again because I realized I cannot just give them up. I would like to know how hard it was for you guys to accept yourselves, and how to make it easier.

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    I thought i was a total freak or something at one point, this website made me realize im not at all. Everyone on this website is supportive and there are a lot of great people here. There is nothing wrong with being a DL. There are people way worse out there, killers, rapists, child molesters.... Wearing a diaper doesnt hurt anyone, its not drugs and your not doing anything illegal. Dont be ashamed of who you are, embrace it!

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    I'm going through the same thing

    Think of what I'm about say a to for minute

    But you don't wear them all day right?
    remember it doesn't consume our lives
    just think of it as something like a hobbie
    it doesn't hurt anybody
    it's not a bad thing wanting to do it
    helps releave stress well atleast for me it does
    just accept yourself who you are, you are
    nobody wants you to change
    it could be worse bro, could be drugs
    your a normal person just like me or anyone else u meet.

    My advice suckse:?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxracer529 View Post
    I thought i was a total freak or something at one point
    That is kind of the point where I am at. Its completely mixed and conflicting feelings about it. You are right though, its not hurting anyone, and I am not doing anything illegal. I will keep that in mind every time I look at myself as a "freak".

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBoyGeorgie View Post
    My advice suckse:?
    Your advice does not suck. But your grammar could use some work :3.

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    This is a really common theme with us as I expect you'll see if you look around the forums further. I wish I knew the magic thing to say that would make this easier for you. I struggled with it for a long time before I ever knew there were others like myself (pre-Internet days). Even after learning that there were others, the kind of people that I found didn't make me feel any better (early days of the Internet). With rare exceptions, it seemed like no one was out there feeling this was strange but instead just wanted to know whose diaper was wet (or...).

    I came to where I tolerated it as I understood that strange urges or desires aren't all that uncommon and this is just one of those. This was the first community I found that really seemed to acknowledge my sense of ambivalence about the ABDL thing and while I thought I had self-acceptance down, I can see now that it's an ongoing process for me. In my time here I've gone from feeling like it's not harmful to seeing that good things come from it too. There are so many people I have come in contact with here who have enriched my life in big and small ways. For me, being an ABDL is what I make of it. It's a weird thing but that doesn't make it bad. I hope you will have a rapid transition to a similar (or better) place of self-acceptance.

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    It's a part of you and who you are. One of the things that helped me accept it is looking though this site and getting more and more used to the idea of it. Just keep in mind its not as bad as you think.

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    Ditto what Trevor said...speaks pretty well to my experiences.

    Maybe just put the stuff away, when you feel like purging...and then you can assure yourself it's there if you really feel you need/want it. If you're like many of'll go through a few binge/purge cycles for a bit more...the excitement, security, comfort, novelty, and fun...then the horror, disgust, shame, etc on the other side. Perhaps it's neither one or the other, but both...we are freaks, AND we're perfectly normal. It's okay... be respectful, and mindful of others (as well as yourself), follow the laws, and the Hippocratic oath* "...first do no harm..." Remember to live the other parts of your life. Most people outside of this culture, condition, way-of-life...can-not understand...don't expect it...

    I honestly can't think of any other site where the most balance is available...than here at ADISC... Ultimately's up to you to decide what it is, or isn't...for you alone...and if memory serves...there is an article on this binge purge bit, here too (good read IMHO).

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    I am well familiar with the "Binge and Purge" cycles. Its not often I wear diapers (usually once or twice a month), but when I do I feel ashamed afterwards. I have more coming, unfortunately for me a browser mess up just caused me to buy two packages of Abena M3s instead of one. Now I gotta call support and get my order fixed X3.

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    There is nothing wrong with wearing, to make you feel more secure and comfortable. It is a valid reason, and most of the medical community will accept that.


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    I never had a problem with accepting this side of me.
    It´s something that makes me feel good, a part of my personality, and there´s no reason for trying to ignore or fight it.
    Don´t think you´re a „freak“ just because you´re a little different (especially not if there´s a big, supporting community of great people with the same interests...a community called ADISC ^^)

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