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Thread: Goodmorning everybody my name is Elain.

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    Smile Goodmorning everybody my name is Elain.

    Goodmorning everybody my name is Elain. I am a Diaper Lover, I am incontinent and I have entertained the idea of being a Carer/Babysitter in the AB/DL Little Girl scene; though I have never done this before. I absolutely love AB/DL Little Girls, just adorable. I would like to meet people over the internet and learn more about what it takes to care for a Little, and probably meet Little Girls online. I am very freindly but I do bite when attecked... I'm a British Bulldog.

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    Hi, Elain! Welcome to ADISC! What are some of your non-ABDL related interests? I'm an AB/LG, so maybe I could answer some of your questions?

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    welcome to the site elain, glad you could join us. i hope you get as much info from our site as you can, there are a lot of people here with some good info for you.

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    You said on another thread you were a Sea Scout, do you still do that or not, and what boats did you learn to sail, row, paddle or drive in Brum it's pretty land locked up there isn't it.

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    I am sorry that I didn't answer your questions earlier, but that is because my account did not receive any proper notification that there had been any replies. I was hoping, that if I were to start a thread or comment on a thread, that ADISC would notify my account that there have been replies but apparently not... all I get is "You Have 187 Unread Posts" at the top right corner, which is irrelavent to me as it is mostly threads that I have not commented on or read. If anyone knows of how I can receive notifications on thread that I have commented on please tell me.

    As for those questions...

    @ Fayte; some of my non AB/DL interests are Mycology (ie. hunting for mushrooms and truffles), I like reading history and I have been practicing in Crystal Healing and Crystal Ball Divination for about three years! I used to draw Manga characters although never drew AB/DL related Manga, I hope to restart my Manga hobby if I ever have enough money.

    @ colt; thankyou for your reply, I feel welcomed

    @ MCsquared; I only recently moved to the Birmingham metropolis - about three years ago. I used to be a Sea Scout when I was much younger. I learned to pilot an Atlantic class RIB and other smaller power boats, I learned to row in group boats (the old ones, which I cannot remember what they are called) and paddle Kayaks and Canoes.

    I did hear that there is a Sea Scout troup in Birmingham on one of the inner city reserviours, so it is land locked but they still have large areas of water.

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    That's cool, you'll find your subscribed threads in your control pannel (AKA settings at the Top) if you've set Default Thread Subscription Mode in your general settings, you'll also get notifications of quotes like this one

    Quote Originally Posted by Elain View Post
    did not receive any proper notification that there had been any replies
    as a green bar over notifications.

    I was a sea scout from a little north of Brum, and we did racing with the other 'nearby' sea scout groups so I know there are sea scouts there I was just wondering whether we might have met in person before you joined here, if we had that'd be wild, but I'd rather not talk about it in really in depth detail on an introduction thread, as you can understand it's a little identifying, but I'll happily PM you when you reach EC status (Green name) in a just over a weeks time

    At the moment I'm working my way towards becoming a power boat instructor ^_^ and I've sailed dingies, kayaked, Canoed and Rowed some big and little boats myself. Do you have a favourite boat?

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    Hello Elian, Weve got plenty of little girls for you to chat with

    To be up to date with a thread I think you can subscribe to get a new email for each post

    Manga huh, manga's cool I use to draw naruto yugioh dbz but got bored of it.

    I hate that unread posts thing.

    Welcome and enjoy, Have a coasy stay here at adisc.

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    Thankyou BabyBoyGeorgie and MCsquared for the advice I'll use it.

    MCsquared, I do remember a Sea Scout troup from Wales comming over and camping at the hut on the river but I do not remember any races so probably not you.

    My favourite boats are Touring Kayaks and Canadian Canoes, Touring Kayaks especially! There is something about the movement that is so smooth that I cannot resist it. I have never done sailing but did pass well with a theory test we did.

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    Definitely not me then ^_^ (my group was in England I've moved to Wales to do my Degree) Also I have only river kayaked, on a section of river near Telford, it was fun but took a lot of effort. Sailing is good fun, but it's a bit like riding a bike you can do all the theory you want but when your actually in the boat (or on the bike) it's completely different to how you imagined.

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    My lot were lower down the River Severn. Yes, Kayaking uses lots of effort, even when paddle skills have been perfected. I absolutely loved doing Touring Kayaking because it would involve paddling upstream about 30 or 40 miles, setting up camp then the next day paddling back down. It is a very exhaustive activity but it is like after walking up a mountain, the feeling is amazing. If done properly the arms and legs should kill.

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