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    If you could and would for a day be a baby or toddler would you become a real toddler just of the day? and if so what is the ideal situation you would like to be in, would you like to be in Nursery (Kindergarten) or at home with mummy or daddy even both? and would you be yourself when you were a real little toddler or change your appearance or sissy babies would you like to be that girl? what would be your perfect day be as a real baby be?

    I would change my appearance a little to have blue eyes, as I now have dark blond hair but when was a baby had light blond hair, always like myself as a baby with blond hair and to have blue eyes. Also I would love to be back in a pre-school at 2 years of age, as I love playing with toys when I'm roll playing. Then after a good day in nursery I would be picked up by daddy and mummy to have a good time at home, with being feed in my high chair and to be given a nice bath and a change, with lots of cuddles.

    So if anyone does reply what would you ideal day be? as a baby or toddler.

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    Funny this post came up. As I am spending next weekend at a friends house as a toddler I have done it before and it is a wonderful stress relief,
    I will get there sat. and be led to the nursery were all of my big boy cloths will be taken, my diaper will be checked to see if i am wet if it is it will be changed and then into baby cloths.
    we have about 6 others coming over next weekend as well so it will be fun.

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