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    To all older babies and DL just come back from a few drinks with my girlfriend and had a nappy on at the local pub, so came home all soggy so I was thinking is they anyone else that will go on a night out drinking with a nappy on? I don;t do it often as I'm not a much of a drinker.

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    I'm not generally a fan of the bar/diaper combo, though I have worn to bars before. Bars can be pretty hot and sweaty, and sweat and diapers are not a good mix. Plus, I usually get so caught up in talking and whatnot that I totally forget I'm wearing, so it's kind of a waste to me.

    Funny story, though: the last time I wore to a bar, I went into a bathroom stall to pee (I often use the toilet when I wear), and somehow ended up with a line of pee running down my leg and wetting my pants. I don't even know how that happened, and no, I wasn't that drunk, I swear XD It was pretty ironic though, accidentally peeing on yourself using the toilet while you're wearing a diaper.

    ---EDIT ---

    Interesting thought: are you more or less likely to be discovered in a bar? On the one hand, drunks often don't notice things. On the other hand, if they do, drunks are more liable to say something about it!

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    i was about to but then i got kicked out for being underage....

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    No, being in a club and a diaper is just too hot for me. I'd get all sweaty and uncomfortable and when I'm just in the pub I'd like to relax and not worry about diapers or anything like that. Drinking at home in a diaper? Sure that's great but definitely not in public.

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    I've done the bar/pub thing in diapers before, and honestly, I found it to be sometimes more problematic than it's worth. When it works well, it's brilliant, not having to get up, miss part of the conversation, whatever. But, if I'm going to be there for awhile, say at a sports bar to watch a WWE pay-per-view or the Super Bowl or some other long event, then I find myself more worried about whether I'm going to leak because I've already wet a couple times. Obviously it's more difficult to take a diaper bag with you into into a bar, so once I've wet the diaper I'm wearing, I either have to hold it, let it go hoping not to leak, or go to the restroom. At that point, I figure if I'm going to the restroom at some point anyway, then the diaper just isn't worth the effort to me.

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    I always wear when I go to the bar. Then again I don't drink to get drunk, so I'm not there for too long.

    As for good vs bad idea, I guess it really depends on the environment. Like I said it isn't a problem at the bar I go too, but there generally isn't a massive conglomerate of overly drunk people running around. Now, the only time I have come close to being found out that was bar related was when I went to downtown Spokane for some late night food. Having to go past all of the bars to get to the restaurant. I hadn't made it 20 feet out of my truck when a stilleto heeled chick who was way beyond her limit who couldn't walk, let alone stand, decided to ungracefully swan dive between me and the parking payment stand. Being a gentlemen I had to help, so I got her up and found her friends got her to the cab, wearing a Bambino, with her body being crutch-ed by mine there was no way she couldn't have felt the extra padding. BUT! Like I said she was WAY too drunk to notice and if she did notice she was too preoccupied trying to pull me to the ground...I mean walk.

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    You guys complaining about being too hot when you wear diapers are kind of ridiculous. I wear 24/7 for need and wear diapers while playing ice and roller hockey and everything else, Yes I sweat. I live with it, I don't have a choice, so NO more complaining about how hot you are when you wear diapers, Nuff said.

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    Yes, I would. However, I think I'm too old to go clubbing. I will wear at pubs, bars and Restraunt bars. Basically 24/7.

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    I never done that...yet. But I wouldn't mind to try that when I go to a pub. I am not into bars or nightclubs anyway.

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    I have stopped being a big drinker ever since college, but wether it be one beer or three, I literally must pee ever 15-20 minutes, 3 or four times after each drink. I've never been sure if it's just nerves or what, but my bladder is annoyingly overactive in these situations. A diaper at the bar is usually a Godsend for me, but it's very rare that I ever have the appropriate settings to do so.

    At one point I was stuck at an airport for a layover that ended up being delayed through the night. They had an alright hotel and I had brought a few diapers with me, which I was too afraid to wear on the plane. Long story short, I was bored and pissed off from my travels so I put a diaper on and hit the lobby bar to have a drink or two. I stayed a little longer than i should have (if you catch my drift) and when I paid my tab, I stood up and felt like I had a gallon between my legs. It had also leaked. That was a bummer, but no one noticed. Like they say, drink a pint, piss a quart.

    Drinks do help calm the muscles and let wetting become a lot more effortless. After a few I reach a nice automatic pilot.. I wouldn't recommend using alcohol for anything positive towards your fetish though.

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