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Thread: What would you say if AB/DL stuff came up in conversation?

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    Default What would you say if AB/DL stuff came up in conversation?

    I was chilling at my friend's house a few days ago, just having a few drinks and watching TV, when we somehow got on the topic of weird shit people do. She was talking about people that tattoo their whole body, and I brought up the show "My Strange Addiction", and how there was a girl that ate her hair, and another that ate chalk, and she brought up that she had seen on that show a guy that still wore diapers and acted like a baby in his free time. Obviously I was kind of speechless for a second, since it's my biggest secret, before I said "Oh my god, no way, how disgusting!" but now I kind of feel bad. It's like if I was still in the closet and making fun of gay people... I feel like I should have at least said something to sort of defend the lifestyle, but in the moment that wasn't my first reaction. She basically agreed with me and the subject never came up again, so I'm pretty sure she doesn't suspect anything, although my face probably went bright red. Anyone else been caught in a similar situation?

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    One time I was playing "Would you rather?" with my sister and the questions was "Would you rather eat all of your food from a baby bottle or wear a diaper all the time?" everyone guessed drink from a bottle. I said no, that drinking all my food would be very unfulfilling, plus if I had to wear diapers all the time at least I wouldnt have to hold it. She looked at me like I was crazy....I just said that I really like to eat, thus it would kill me not to be able to eat anymore. She dropped it and didnt seem to think anything else of it. But in all honsesty wearing diapers didnt sound bad to me at all- it was an easy choice!

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    I had the subject come up with a friend once before I had embraced being and adult baby but already had quite a few adult baby friends. I defended the lifestyle and gave my friend a little more insight to what it means to the people that take part in it. He was like "huh" then asked me if I was one, which at the time I didn't think I was, so I of course told him no. Oops! ^^;

    I think a lot of the problem stems from ignorance from being on the outside of things, so I tried showing my friend the inside a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I normally respond to stuff like that with "whatever works..."
    I do as well. I'm not going to diss my own desire to wear diapers, but I'm not going to give someone a reason to suspect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I do as well. I'm not going to diss my own desire to wear diapers, but I'm not going to give someone a reason to suspect.
    The subject of furries came up with my friends even before I was a member here and one time since. I've established a pattern for myself with them of acknowledging the strangeness but not condemning. I'd hope to react similarly if the ABDL subject came up. People get up to weird stuff and if it's not hurting anyone, carry on

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    You can always use the catch-all response : xkcd: So It Has Come To This

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    Similar article on Sexcetera and yeah the thing was AB but it was all over the top, they didn't even portray him as half normal, he had no job and he spent his money, some of which was from benefits and the rest he'd inherited, on being a baby with 2 full time PAID FOR carers. If they showed a less extreme AB fetishist I could have defended the guy but I was ashamed of having to be put in the same pigeon hole as him. I couldn't justify that lifestyle it seemed like he was living out every conceivable fantasy but what's fulfilling about a fantasy without having real life to compare it to.

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    I've had awkward run-ins like this before, a few times, actually. My parents have discussed this subject sometimes with stuff just like what you have mentioned with "My Strange Addiction". I don't feel compelled to speak out against it, nor do I want to completely agree with them and use it to cover-up this secret of mine. I remain rather neutral on the whole subject by just not making any real mention of it.

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    For me I wouldn't say anything. It is private to me and I've only let two people in on it, both times a girlfriend.

    If that came up "I saw this episode where a guy dressed in diapers and acts like a baby" my response would be similar to "whatever works for you"

    I wouldn't start attacking it saying its gross or whatever. I am not gay but I don't think gay people are gross, for example. It would be strange to do that when I don't do it for other things. Ok.. well peeing on each other is kinds gross... but still, whatever works for ya :P

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