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Thread: Diaper crinkles?

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    Default Diaper crinkles?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows why diapers crinkle more in the morning when they're wet?

    I wear abenas and thought as they are much denser and wet, they'd crinkle less?
    I don't mind it or anything as I live alone, just wondering

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    well, if you've slept in them all night, I would assume that it is because you have loosened the plastic outer cover to allow it more flexibility.

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    I find that they seem to crinkle less when wet. Weird.

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    it all depends on the diaper you use. i have had diapers that a quite well dry and crinkly well wet and i have diapers that a crinkly well dry and quite well dry. it also matters how long you have been in the diaper. the loser the materal the more it crinkles as well as if you dont tape it on yourslef nice and snug.

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    seconding the above, and introducing the vagaries of temperature, accoustics (which can vary depending upon how/where you've wet the diaper) and the resins used to secure the pad in place.

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    I agree with the two posts above, it largely depends on the diaper that you're using what effects you do or don't get from it. It also depends on how quickly the padding/lining breaks up and can move around as well in term of the diaper and how much you wet it.

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    Mine seem to crinkle more when wet awell I like it though makes me fell very child like and like I've had a accident and someone gonna find put xx

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