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    Hi everyone are there any real shops for adult babies/ diaper lovers in the uk. By real I mean like a shop in a town. If so can you post their addresses or website links please

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    I don't think there are any... They tend to operate online only for various reasons, if only because a physical shop costs to operate and probably wouldn't be beneficial due to the large catchment areas. There are a number of threads with online shops on them, so I won't re-iterate here .

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    I think there are some fetish shops with a small selection of AB stuff but I don't think its what most of us want, more like AB stuff for non ABies. A bit like them joke/party shops that have a dress up as a baby kit with a caricature nappy dummy, bonnet etc but its just for 'normal' people doing fancy dress.

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    I don't know about the UK, but I do know that some fetish shops here in the USA do carry some ab related stuff. I would assume that there are some fetish shops out the way that would carry ab stuff as well. I wouldn't expect to find too too much, maybe plastic pants, and some ab porn dvds (I actually saw one in a store, kinda made me giggle). Anyways ya your best bet is to check local fetish stores, good luck!

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