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    What diaper is the best for bike riding? After 3 rides this last week I need a new combo diaper system that does not breakup when soaked. The Tranquility Slim loads up too much when wet. I tried a Pamper 7 Cruiser insert and that was just OK. The bike trails are busy now so it should not appear you are wearing a diaper under spandex shorts. I do wear a pair of plastic pants over the disposable diaper. I have heard many bike racers never stop to pee and just let go.

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    For bicycling, that requires maximum mobility and dexterity, I would recommend the pad you're using. You will not be able to make use of an adult brief without others seeing it, and it doesn't make a difference how thin it is.


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    A small problem is that plastic does not allow the skin the air out, which is a big problem if you're vigerously exercising. Another problem with plastic is that it isnt extremely flexible... another downside when cycling.

    That said, I'd go for the Abena pull-ups. They hold plenty of urine (more than any other pull up available), are cloth backed as to let your skin breathe, and are reasonably flexable so your movement (and blood circulation) are not hindered.

    You can get them from XP Medical, and they're actually not unreasonably priced.

    Good luck buddy, and happy St. Pat's Day!

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    Competitive road cyclists will pee from the saddle of a moving bike - after gesturing to the chase cameras.

    I doubt you'll be able to hide anything, much less anything substantial, under spandex.

    One alternative to avoid the fluff breakup is to use cloth. You might also be able to make your own cloth pads with a lot high and in front, less in back, and just enough between the legs to wick to the front and avoid stress concentrations.

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    I'd recommend cloth. If people see the back of your cloth undies, it'll look like regular underwear.

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    I've gone out a few times wearing cloth and plastic pants. It's a thrill. I wear bike shorts, but the kind that look like regular shorts, and have the tight spandex inside the outer shell.

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    I occasionally do some road races. I have tried the pee-as-you-ride approach, but not again... Was exciting to do, but gosh it was uncomfortable the remaining hour in the summer heat. Plenty of chaffing. Had to be tried.

    I think the bulk of a diaper would be too uncomfortable for me. Plus the added warmth not ideal. I will stick to putting one on after The race :-)

    Have fun all

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    You mention trails, so I'm led to believe you're doing more mountain biking than road biking. If that's the case, I'd say your best friend is going to be a pair of baggy mountain biking shorts. Then you can wear something like the Abena pull up and avoid dealing with the diaper lines practically having neon signs on them through your lycra.

    As far as a diaper that won't fall apart while cycling, I think your best bet is just to use what is otherwise a good diaper. I never have encountered a disposable that stays composed during and after physical activity.

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    Bike racer here... I never heard of someone just peeing in there shorts! There are two methods (while riding), pulling your shorts up and pulling it out the leg, or pulling the front of your shorts down.

    That being said, there have been a couple times I tried to hold it to long and ACCIDENTALLY let loose. I masked this by emptying a water bottle over my head mid pee!

    And there is no way you will EVER be able to wear a diaper under proper fitting lycra cycling shorts without someone noticing! (hell, its hard enough to hide a penis in these shorts).
    If you absolutely need a diaper, your best bet would be to wear a light incontinence pad inside baggy cycling shorts (not the tight ones), or to do what the non ab/dl would do, and use other methods to control yourself (penis clamp, meds, something like that)

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