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Thread: New sissy babygirl here.

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    Default New sissy babygirl here.

    Hello everyone let me start off by saying what a fantastic site this is, and btw, everyone here seams so friendly, and I do like friendly people.My interest's include diapers acting like a baby ect, anyway's glad to be a part of This site I also practice self bondage, self bondage and diapers together pure bliss.

    I will be posting most if not all of my interests on my profile if that's possible so if some of you want to take a look be my guest anyways hope to make some friends on here and have a good time bye bye for now.

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    Welcome to adisc hope you should have a nice time here

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    All are welcome that are willing to have tolerance and an open mind, please enjoy your stay, ask questions and speak freely, I am a sissy baby girl to and if you need someone to talk to or maybe just want to know where score a sweet new dress I am here. As well as everyone else most likely.
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    Hi, babyhailey. Welcome to ADISC. I know you are going to love the time you spend here. Take care, and enjoy exploring the site.

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